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Hair Loss Causes, Possible Prevention & Treatments

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Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes, Possible Prevention & Treatments

Hair loss can be experienced by both women and men at a certain age due to a variety of reasons. Cause Hair loss can result in the widening of the hairline and can be a cause of lower self-confidence. People who are losing more than 150 strands of hair per day must visit a dermatologist or a trichologist to get diagnosed early. The trichologist will find the root cause of hair fall and will select the treatment accordingly. Learn more about Hair Loss Causes, Treatment, and Possible Prevention by reading the following article.

Symptoms of Hair Loss:

Following are some signs and symptoms of hair loss:

  • You are experiencing thinning of hair on the top of your head or you have a receding hairline
  • You are having patchy bald spots on different areas of the head
  • You have started losing hair gradually
  • You have patches that are spreading over the scalp
  • You are experiencing more hair fall as compared to normal days

Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons, some of the causes are discussed below:

●     Genetics

Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness can occur due to genetics. You can experience a receding hairline and thin hair on the crown area.

●     Hair Styling

Making hairstyles which are pulling the roots of the hair can cause hair loss. If you make tight ponytails or braids then you can experience hair loss..

●     Poor Diet Routine

If you do not follow a good well-balanced diet and do not take essential nutrients like vitamins and protein which are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It can cause hair fall and you can experience patches of baldness on your head.

●     Stress

If you have undergone illness and any surgical procedure which has led to stress then it can cause you to lose more than normal hair strands per day.

●     Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy, thyroid problems, childbirth, and menopause can cause imbalanced hormones. An imbalance hormone can play a major role in hair loss.

●     Certain Medications

Drugs used for cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and high blood pressure for a long time can result in hair loss. Radiation therapy given during the treatment of cancer can also cause hair loss.

Treatment Options:

Following are some best treatment options for hair loss:

●     Medications

Certain medications given for treating your hair loss problems. Minoxidil, finasteride, and Aldactone can prescribed by the doctor if you are facing baldness after hair loss. If the medicines are not working for you then you can opt for other treatments.

●     Hair Transplant Surgery

The Hair Transplant in Islamabad is the most famous procedure which is best in case of permanent hair loss. A hair transplant is suggested if you have less hair on the top of the head. There are different types of hair transplants: FUT, FUE, and robotic hair transplant. The surgeon will select the type which is best for you. In a hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from the healthy area of the scalp and then introduced to the bald area of the head. And new hair will start growing in the area after some time. It is a painless procedure as it is carried out under local anaesthesia.

●     Laser Hair Therapy

If the cause of your hair loss problem is hereditary then laser therapy is suggested by the dermatologist. The laser treatment helps to improve hair density. The results of this treatment are long-lasting. It is the best treatment as it does not require any downtime and it is a non-invasive procedure.

●     Microneedling

It is a minimally invasive procedure in which a solution prepared and injected into certain areas of the scalp. Micro needling increases collagen production and activates the stem cells. This is effective to increase hair growth. The treatment procedure is painless as a numbing cream applied at the start of the treatment site. If you want a safe and effective procedure then you can consider this treatment.

●     PRP Therapy

In PRP therapy the person’s blood drawn out and platelets separated from the blood. After that, the platelet-rich plasma injected into the treatment site. This will improve the natural healing process and will also reverse hair growth.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

You may feel pain and redness after the treatment. These are temporary side effects and fade away in a few days. The hair fall will stop falling after the treatment. The collagen production will speed up after the treatment and you will get that thicker hair look in very less time. The results may be different for everyone and depend on the healing power of the person.

Possible Prevention:

Preventing hair loss is better than undergoing any treatment. The good news is that you can prevent hair loss by following a healthy life routine. Some of the possible prevention which lower the risk of hair loss are:

  • Take enough protein as it has a great impact on our hair growth
  • Take supplements like vitamins, minerals, zinc, and iron as deficiency of these supplements can lead to hair loss
  • You should take good care of your scalp and hair
  • Try to protect your hair at night by using a silk pillowcase
  • Do not take stress or depression
  • Give your scalp a good massage at least 2 times a week
  • Do not make such a hairstyle which can be damaging to hair
  • Use essential oils twice a week
  • Minimise the use of overheated hair styling tool
  • Try not to bleach your hair

Final Thoughts!

After reading the Hair Loss Causes, Treatments, and Possible Prevention if you are considering its treatment, then it is important to choose the best surgeon or a trichologist for the treatment. The surgeon must highly skilled who has much experience in performing hair transplants and other hair loss treatments. Hair loss must treated as it can cause serious problems or complications in the future.

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