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5 Best Beach Resorts in the USA

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5 Best Beach Resorts in the USA

Planning a vacation at the beach does not mean spending a whole week under the sun with sand and seawater. One has to find and book an all-inclusive beach resort that is perfect for staying throughout the vacation to enjoy the beach to the fullest. Needless to say, an ideal beach vacation is a combo of both the beach and the beach resort. If you often spend your vacations on the beach, you would exactly know finding a top beach resort is as vital as finding the best beach, because without recreational activities and facilities of a beach resort there is no way to enjoy the beach.

A good beach resort is a great value addition for people who are very much enthusiastic about spending their vacations at beaches. Beach resorts through the offered facilities bring the overall beach experience to higher levels. The prime motto of these resorts is to provide an ultimate beach experience to their visitors.

Apparently, most people are very much aware of the beaches however, the challenging part is to find an ideal beach resort. If you are also a beach lover and planning to go for a solo vacation or a vacation with your friends or family, we are here to provide you with some top beach resorts in USA so you can spend an ultimate beach vacation.

Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, Puerto Rico

The resort is more than half a century old as it built in the 1950s. It is an ocean-facing luxury beach resort built in the traditional Porto-Rican style. The resort has fancy and elegant rooms in three different types; ocean view, pool view, and city view, with direct access to the beach. The family rooms at the resort are phenomenal making It an ideal beach resort for planning a vacation with family. Other property amenities include (but are not limited to); Bar, Valet Parking, pool, and Fitness Center/gym.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort – South Carolina

Kiawah is one of the famous beach resorts in the USA for beach vacations. Located in south Carolina the resort is widely famous for its golf course. The beautiful ocean views that can enjoyed in the morning as well as evening. Along with that the resort is also a friendly place for kids and provides many activities for them.

The Ocean House, Rhode Island

The only five-star beach resort in Rhode Island that come under the top 10 luxury resorts in the world (according to Forbes).  The property is famous for its luxury, quality guest service, and rich experience. Offers a great number of beach activities along with unique amenities and facilities to its guests. During your stay, you can avail some exceptional facilities such as complimentary wine, cooking classes, in-room dining, etc.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

Grand Hyatt is one of the popular brands in the global hotel industry. Due to its amazing facilities and world-class hospitality. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort is a luxury beach resort, spread over 50 acres of land and surrounded by lush green gardens. The resort is popular for its classical Hawaiian-style architecture with modern room features. The ocean-view rooms at the resort and the access to the beach. That are great value addition for visitors on a beach vacation. The resort is also praised for its great service, amazing property amenities, location, area, and behavior of the staff.

The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

Established in 1896, the Breakers is an ultimate beach resort in terms of luxury, facilities, and experience. The resort is situated at 140 beachfront acres and with classical Italian Renaissance-inspired architecture that was developed in 1926. The grand resort has some very exciting room features including access to the private beach. For the convenience of visitors with electric vehicles, the property has an electric vehicle charging station as well.

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