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Most Popular Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Home

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Most Popular Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Home

You have finally set up your fresh water aquarium and now it’s time to decide what fish to put in it. Aquarium is one the beautiful things to decorate your house interiors. It’s like other pet in the house. Keeping pet and aquarium in home is a joyous for family member especially for kids.

We’ve made things easier for you by taking note of some of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish.

Gold Fish

This is, hands down, one of the most popular fresh water aquarium fish. Originally from China, they belong to the family Cyprinidae. Its ubiquity might be due to the fact that it’s inexpensive and relatively easy to care for. Keep in mind though that goldfish thrives better in cooler temperature therefore making them not an ideal companion for tropical fish.


One look at the many colours, faces, and variants of cichlids will surely convince you why it ranks high among aquarists when choosing which fish to inhabit their fresh water aquariums. Cichlids are from the family Cichlidae and part of a group called Labroidei. They are known to look after their brood, uncomplicated to feed, and generally need minimum amount of care. Oscar, angelfish, flower horn, and discus are some of the more famous species belonging to this family. Before you go and buy any variant of cichlids, take heed of the fact that cichlids adore alkaline water so a PH kit to measure alkalinity might needed.


They are named so because of their prominent barbels that looked similar to a cat’s whiskers. Catfish belong to the order Siluriformes and are present on all the continents except Antarctica. An important note on catfish is that they are nocturnal so feeding them at night is to their best interest to guarantee they get the most out of their food. Though generally amiable, they shouldn’t be mixed with smaller fish as they’re carnivores. Majority of catfish are bottom feeders and more likely to sink because they’re negatively buoyant due to their small gas bladder and weighty head. Pets are always important for the family; we have to celebrate the Pets activity with the others Pets.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is a tropical fish native to Peru. They belong to the Characin family. They recommended as a good type of fish to pet for first timers. This type of fish best kept to small schools of 3 to 5 members to initiate them better to their new environment. They’re small and timid (perhaps because of their size) and do not blend well. With big and belligerent fish as they might just end up eaten or terrorized. Their glistening color is very lovely and calming to look at especially when they swim in schools. Moosegazete is one of the wildest animals that known for looks and size.

Tiger Barb

This type of fish widely found in Asia. They’re very small (they grow up to about 3 inches only), extremely active, and should kept to schools of 5 or more. They mostly stay in the middle section of the aquarium and love to play and chase each other thus; many consider them an aggressive kind of fish. They feed on flakes and live foods such as bloodworms.

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