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WEBeDoctor EMR Software Vs Unichart EHR: Finding the best EHR solution for your Practice

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WEBeDoctor EMR Software Vs Unichart EHR: Finding the best EHR solution for your Practice

Meta-Description: WebeDoctor EMR and UniChart EHR are two great EHRs. This comparison will shed light on the main features of the two tools. Stay tuned to learn everything about them.

A certified cloud-based health IT solution for medical practices of all sizes, WEBeDoctor EMR Software, was created. This HIPAA-compliant solution is made to save users time, streamline daily procedures, and save costs. Electronic medical records (EMR) for patients, electronic prescriptions, electronic billing, ordering and reporting of lab tests, appointment scheduling, transcription, referrals, and revenue cycle management are just a few of the software’s key capabilities. Users can manage transactions and patient data in the simplest way possible with WEBeDoctor EMR Software.

Electronic medical record (EMR) software, UniChart, was created specifically. In order to meet the requirements of consultants, family doctors, and small clinics. It provides general practitioners with a comprehensive solution. Manage daily chores like patient billing, creating individualized medical charts, patient reports, and correspondence. Unicharts EMR links professionals with their clients. Making it easier for professionals to manage their workflow. And for patients to enjoy a hassle-free experience. The EMR uses client/server browser technologies to provide a user-friendly interface. The platform covers various medical disciplines. Including cardiology, urology, general surgery, and neurology. Physicians’ lives are made easier by a software screen. That displays vital information such as patient facts, records, and demographics.

WEBeDoctor EMR Software Key Features

Physician’s Office

The numerous administrative, financial, and clinical activities are required to run a medical practice today. They call for an effective system that doctors and their employees can easily utilize. To effectively care for patients and manage finances. Medical personnel needs technology to deliver essential information (in real-time). Physicians and healthcare providers may quickly, conveniently, and securely complete patient management activities. With the help of the WEBeDoctor Physician’s Office. An easy-to-use productivity solution for solo practices. And groups, and managed care institutions. The Physician’s Office tool is an all-inclusive front-end and back-end office system. With functions like appointment scheduling and medical invoicing. Combining the EMR and Patient Portal modules with the doctor’s office is possible.

Revenue Cycle Management

The Healthcare Financial Management Association states that the revenue cycle encompasses all administrative and clinical tasks. They support capturing, managing, and collecting patient service revenue (HFMA). Here are the services provided by WEBeDoctor that are involved in revenue cycle management (RCM):

  • Charge capture describes the process of turning medical services into refundable costs.
  • Presenting insurance companies with claims for billable costs.
  • Coding: Accurately coding procedures and diagnosis.
  • Preregistration: Gathering preregistration data before a patient’s arrival for inpatient or outpatient operations. Such as insurance coverage.
  • Find out how much a patient owes and collect payments from them.
  • Following patient information is gathered during registration to create a medical record number. And satisfy several regulatory, financial, and clinical obligations.
  • Automatic Payment Posting is a part of remittance processing. Which includes applying for or rejecting payments.


Specialists need more than just a generic practice management solution. And WEBeDoctor is aware of this. Knowing this from the beginning, they worked along with a range of specialists. To give them a pertinent system that was specific to their requirements. More patients may be seen each day thanks to WEBeDoctor integration. That also lowers practice management expenses. And maintains complete patient privacy and safety. The most effective way for specialists to boost their earnings, handle patient records, and organize office operations is with WEBeDoctor.

WEBeDoctor EMR Pricing

The pricing for the software has not been shared publicly. Interested users can contact the vendor. They can also schedule a demo that will act as a guide.

WebeDoctor EMR Reviews

The software provides an easy-to-use user interface. It also provides navigation and convenience of usage. The customer service personnel take a while to respond to users.

UniChart EHR Key Features

Patient Charts

The software enables practitioners to create many patient charts at once. And send them to other practitioners within their practice. Clinical personnel can also create a variety of consultation notes, letters, and custom reports. Using pre-installed or custom templates with UniCharts, they can even print or fax them.

Voice Recognition

To make data entry simpler and more effective. This system also features voice recognition and handwriting recognition technologies. The software can installed on the same workstation on the Windows operating system. Or accessible via a web browser.

Easily Adaptable

The ONC-ATCB has validated UniCharts EMR as Meaningful Use compliant. The workflow of any practice can be adapted using this extremely adaptable system. Additionally, it is offered as SaaS software. Through this electronic medical records software. Users may manage paperless medical records, automate daily tasks, and easily transfer to the new system. And effectively while saving money.


The affordable Unicharts EMR software is an ONC-ATCB and Meaningful Use certified product that also offered as a SaaS product. The program facilitates a simple, effective, and economical workflow for the user.

UniCharts EHR Pricing

The software offers the following pricing plans:

$850 for a 4 User Key in standard form.

Standard version: 8 User Key: $1650

12 User Key: $2400

16 User Key: $3100

20 User Key: $3750

24 User Key: $4350

Updates are also available automatically. The pricing is quite diverse, and you can choose from whichever option. Just keep your budget in mind. This is the STANDARD Unicharts option, and this is for a year.

UniCharts EHR Reviews

Reviews demonstrate how customizable the program is. It works via a browser interface despite being on my computer. Presents correspondence, including notes, pleasingly. But there are also some drawbacks. Being not cloud-base. They claim that you can access it, but you must administer it yourself and have a server running constantly to do so. Lack of a pharmaceutical program interface.

Concluding Analysis: Which software is a better choice?

Choosing between the two EMR software is not an easy task. Both offer great features and are quite robust. User reviews are also quite positive for both tools. But the bottom line is that it all depends on your needs. Be mindful of the needs of your practice. Be it WebeDoctor EMR or Unicharts EHR; it should optimize workflow. Also, keep your budget in mind while investing in an EMR.

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