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Troubleshooting & Meaning: Tplink Signal Booster LED Various Color

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Tplink Signal Booster

Troubleshooting & Meaning: Tplink Signal Booster LED Various Color

The Tp-link wireless signals booster delivers more help for your existing device like a standard router, access point, cable modem, & others. By using this device, you can effortlessly & securely enhance the network connectivity of your existing device. The wireless range of the signals booster is superior & wide. The two internal antennas are built-in inside the extender that completely extend Wi-Fi network coverage. You can easily & securely expand the wireless network coverage by using the range extender button. Additionally, the network connectivity of the Tplink signal booster is more & access in hard-to-reach areas. The range extender mode completely boosts the wireless network signal to before unreachable or hard-to-wire areas flawlessly. The Ethernet port is built-in on this range repeater/booster device that allows making the wired connection with your client device.

The tp-link range repeater completely enhances the wireless network connectivity of your traditional router, access point, & cable modem device. The dual-core process absolutely amplifies the wireless network signals. To configure the standard router with the signal booster, you can use http //tplinkrepeater.net login address& simply & quickly configure the connection. It entirely allows configuring the router with the signals booster/repeater device in a quick manner.

Meaning: Tplink Signal Booster LED blinking various colors

The Tp-link range repeater device is completely designed to enhance the network connectivity of your standard router & other device. The wireless network signals of this network device easily reach all the areas of your home. Additionally, the signals are also built-in on the front panel of the extender device. This LED light usually helps to determine the status of this device. With this light, you can securely & easily find the intelligent location of your extender device. But sometimes, this LED light blinks various colors.

  • Wi-Fi Status LED Solid blue light: If the Wi-Fi LED light is solid blue that means your wireless extender successfully connects to the router & network signals are excellent.
  • Blinking Blue light of WiFi status LED: The WiFi status LED light blinking blue. That means the WPS connection is being established.
  • Wifi status Solid red LED light: If the WiFi LED light is solid red. That means the extender connects to the wireless route with weak signals.
  • Wi-Fi Band LED solid blue: If the WiFi band LED light is solid blue. That means your wireless extender is connected to the 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless network.
  • Power LED Solid blue: The power LED of the range extender is solid blue. Which means your range extender device is powered ON.
  • Blinking Blue Power LED: If the power LED light of the extender device is blinking is starting up or updating.

Solutions: Tplink Signal Booster LED Blinking Various Color

If the LED light of the range extender device is red or orange. Then the extender user cannot enjoy high-speed network connectivity. To enjoy a high-speed & stable wireless network signal you have to fix the LED light of this device. Here are some solutions for the various LED light issue.

Power cycle the signal booster device

To fix the LED light issue, you have to restart the device. Restart the device, you ensure all the wires that plug into the extender. To restart the device, you should unplug all the wires from the extender device that plugged into the extender. After unplugging all the wires from the extender device, you will find the power button. You can smoothly press this button and properly power off the device. After 10 minutes, you can again press the power button and examine the status of the LED light.

Move the standard router position

To resolve the LED light issue, you have to move the position of your router. Because sometimes, the position of your standard router is not correct then the LED light blinking is red. You can place your standard router near the extender device. By doing this your router will easily connected to the extender device and the LED light issue will also fixed. This is the easiest & accurate solution to resolve the solid red light issue in the signal booster device.

Ensue the tp-link extender position

Many times, the position of your extender device TPLink Deco M4 is not correct then the LED light status is orange or red. Many times where you have installed the extender device it gets hot and the heating devices are around it. If the heating device is near the signal booster then the LED light status is red. To resolve the issue, you should examine the position of your extender. You have to place your wireless signals booster in ventilates, clean & flat surfaces.

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