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The Big 5 Packaging Design Trends to Look For in 2021

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Packaging Design Trends

The Big 5 Packaging Design Trends to Look For in 2021

Are you doing enough to design your product’s packaging well in 2021?

If not, here’s something you won’t want to leave on the table – if you really want to succeed at creating a great packaging this year.

You may have an outstanding product of course, but if the packaging is not done right – nothing matters at all.

Packaging Design Trends and the graphics are so essential that they actually determine if your packed product is going to be a success or not.

And for this reason, it’s essential that you forecast the major changing trends in packaging design that’re in vogue for the current year.

Let’s take a look at the 5 hottest trends:

Packaging That Ensures Protection

Today, there’s an increasing need in the market for packaging that secures products well. The world is moving towards online sale-purchase with e-commerce. Takeaway meals are becoming prevalent more than ever. People now order grocery via online apps. There’s growing need for shipping products too. All these changes are sure sign that protective custom packaging now needs to move more towards being protective at the same time. You need to ask yourself, are your current custom boxes protective enough? Are certain parts of your products being left exposed due to any packaging cut outs?

Environmentally Sustainable

People now want to see businesses taking environment friendly packaging seriously. This is becoming a hallmark now, and customers feel more loyal to brands that also show their responsibility towards saving the environment through their packaging. It’s because the environmental threat has become more urgent in the year 2021. Up to 73% consumers are actually willing to pay more for a sustainable packaging.

Simplistic & Clear Typography Fonts

There are literally thousands of products displayed on racks in stores and shopping malls. People now look to shop quick! The trend to be able to quickly identify the product one is searching for and grabbing it on the go has increased more than ever in 2021. Graphic design is an essential design element and absolutely does help solve this challenge in an ocean of competitor products and facilitate brand recognition. Minimalistic design makes typography on product information and business’ name much easier to read from a distance. Moreover, vibrant color tint combinations and graphic design elements can make textual content easily readable. If you want to provide easy product reach, then avoid difficult to read fonts on the packaging so products don’t just stay on the shelves for months.

More Personalization in Packaging

Packaging and its graphics allow brands the chance to communicate about their product. Brand well, and help customers to feel and enjoy the experience of interacting with the products and in turn, the brand – right from their home! Brands now see the need to create personalized packaging that provides unique unboxing experience which gets customers to nurture emotions of being part of a privileged group of purchasers and feel good about it.

In 2021, doing innovative stuff like including customers’ names in the packaging design & putting imagery or messaging. That personalizes the whole package to the targeted customers, will be a powerful way to create hype. A long-term connection – eventually turning it into brand loyalty. Can you go one step ahead and communicate with customers on a personal level? If so, consider this important trend in packaging that can help. You develop a unique unboxing experience for customers and retain them in 2021.

No assumptions

If your want to retain old customers and capture new ones. It’s better to avoid mystery and ambiguity in your packaging. Your product’s custom Packaging Design Trends must communicate in a crystal clear manner to avoid any wrong assumptions on customers’ end. Otherwise, this will cost your brand a lot in sales. To avoid loss, review your current packaging design. Is it clear to someone who is unaware about your brand and what it stands for? Is it simple to tell what product is inside if they haven’t seen it before? Look at your packaging by the angle of someone who has never purchased your products before. Then make any necessary changes to make your brand and product messaging plain & clear.

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