Home General In this Blog we talk about NVQ Qualification and it Benefits

In this Blog we talk about NVQ Qualification and it Benefits

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NVQ Qualification

In this Blog we talk about NVQ Qualification and it Benefits

Now we will know about the NVQ Level 1/2/3 and by help of this Level which CSCS card you can apply.

Firstly, Look into that which type of job you can get with NVQ Qualification ?

In the world of construction industry, the focus has now shifted to personal development, up skilling, and education. In the United Kingdom, The jobs in construction industry are getting a higher ration of employment and People that are trying to get an impressive construction job without holding a relevant NVQ qualification, so it will be difficult to find good job prospects.
As per study in UK, people are attracting towards these jobs like as tradesmen, labour etc.

When you complete a NVQ training course, you will be growing your career one step ahead and giving you a chance of getting the job you’ve always dreamt of.

There are 4 levels of NVQ in construction industry and it dependent on what stage you’re on in your career :

Level 2: Operative
Level 3: Supervisor
NVQ Level 6: Site Manager
NVQ Level 7: Project/Contract Manager or Director

If you have completed a NVQ qualification it will help you land professional type of construction job. The construction jobs are getting a higher ratio of employment. So, This qualification is an industry-standard, which all the construction companies required. People are attracting towards these jobs most people work as tradesmen, site manager and labour in the United Kingdom. As we know that for working or visiting at any construction site an individual need a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). Which can only be issued if they pass the CITB health, safety and environment test. Which is compulsory, after passing the CITB test the tradesmen apply for card and qualified for any construction job. A Construction NVQ is also requirement for many qualified cards when you apply to a CSCS card. Many construction companies require higher level CSCS card for which you have to obtained Construction NVQ Qualification.

CSCS Cards are categorized by Level

The CSCS card is your work pass to enter within construction industry, which officially allow you to work in UK construction site. Lets have a look

Level 1 – CSCS Labourer Card (this card will require an Operative test)

The Green CSCS Card is the basic level from which you can start your construction journey this card for those who does not hold any qualification and newly arrived in this industry. you can easily obtained in short period of time just pass a CITB test(Operative test) and Level 1 Award Course (one day course)

NVQ Level 2 – CSCS Skilled Worker Card

The Blue CSCS card depends on the type of trade and Qualification is issued to people in their specialty. This is the most common card among people by profession, carpenters, painters, people working with drywall, etc. Trade will mention on the back of the card.

NVQ Level 3 – CSCS Advanced Craft / Supervisory Card

There are two types of gold cards. CSCS Gold Advanced Craft Card is a highly skilled CSCS card and it will be used only for those workers with a high skill and professional set within the construction industry After obtaining the qualification, you will be issued an diploma that is valid for Lifetime and don’t require any further retake. The Gold Supervisory CSCS card is for those who work in a technical or supervisor occupation. You need to complete a Construction Related Technical/Supervisory NVQ at Level 3 or 4.

Here are some List of construction roles that you get with a NVQ Qualifications.

Construction foreman
Construction manager
Operations manager
Site manager
Painter & Decorator
Forklift driver
Ground worker

Where can I obtain an NVQ?

You can enroll for NVQ Qualification or CSCS card and get the professional job of your choice in the construction industry. At Construction Stave, our team of professionals people help tradesmen get the NVQ Qualification. So just give us a call on 7586078034 and see what we can do for you. You can book your CITB test for health, safety environment test with us, we work online for you to provide easy solution. With service and product-related to the construction industry with the simple process of contacting the team by construction stave.

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