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How to solve printing problems On Mac

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printing problems On Mac

How to solve printing problems On Mac

There are times when you are going to use your canon printer with Mac but due to some issues mac says printer is offline. There are many reasons why you might have been facing this issue.

When you face those issues, then you will not be able to print from the Printer. Hence, you would be needing something to make the connection. The next thing that you need to do is to click on the printer and see if something happens. Well, if you are not, then there are some that you ought to follow in order to resolve the issues.

There are a number of causes and fixes for printer failures. Let us check some of the most common solutions.

Check the print dialog box:

When you are failed to print, then you need to press command-P again. After that, you will likely see a badge icon like the exclamation mark that is just next to the name of the Print Dialog box.

What you might also see is the message that will appear that will explain the cause of the failure and then how to fix it.

This is the issue that you might face if you are using more than one printer. You might not have selected the printer from which you want to print the document. If you are using Mac as your laptop, then you might have printed with the wrong printer.

The simple way to fix this issue is by selecting the one that you want to print from the dialog box that will appear on your screen.

One of the other issues could be when the printer was paused. If so, then you are going to see an error message. Clicking on the resume button is also going to get things running again. If you see that it does not, then check the printer’s queue in order to get more information on the issue.

Check the printer queue:

If you witness a print job that has been failed, then the printer’s print queue option is going to remain in the dock and will be presented with the badge that is going to indicate the trouble. In order to find out more, you need to click on the icon in order to open the Queue’s window.

Well, if you are not seeing anything in the dock, then choose the Apple menu and then select the Apple menu and then choose the system preferences. Then you need to click on the print a scan option and select your printer in the list. After that, open the printer’s queue.

In order to do this, you need to click on the X which is next to the progress bar that is below the document’s name. There can possibility that the print queue says that the printer not connected. Or it cannot communicate with the printer. You are also going to find the common fixes for these issues in the next point.

Check the printer:

If you are attempting to fix the things in your Mac and it is not resolving the matter, then it is time to look at the printer. You also need to check the paper and make sure. That the paper in the printer’s auto-feed of the manual feed tray and there is no paper jam.

Check whether the printer is getting the power and whether all the connections are in order or not. If you are still facing the issue of Canon Printer Is Offline Mac, then turn the printer off and then switch it back on.

Also, unplug the printer from the wall outlet after you have turned it off and then reverse the steps. If you are still seeing the issue, then carry forward to the next step.

Check the software updates of the printer:

These days updating the printer handle through OS X’s software update for printing problems On Mac. Then you need to select the Apple menu and then select the software update. If you see that there is any update available for your printer, then you need to install it asap.

If you do not see any update, then it might be on the official website of the company. So, then you need to download it and then install it as well.

Delete and then add the printer:

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the Apple menu and then select eth system preferences and then select the print and scan option. Then from the list on the left, you need to select your printer as well.

After that click on the minus sign that is at the bottom of the list. This is going to remove the printer from the print list too.

After that click on the + sign. You will see that a menu will appear. Then, you are going to see that the deleted printer will be under the heading of nearby printers. If yes, then you need to select it back.

If you are still not able to resolve the issue of the printing problems On Mac, then you can get in touch with the official experts of canon printers.

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