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Do I Really Need a Backlit Keyboard? Maybe Yes or Not

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Backlit Keyboard

Do I Really Need a Backlit Keyboard? Maybe Yes or Not

So, do you need a backlit keyboard?

If you are a person who loves typing (or you need to do a lot of typing during the entire day), then you might use a keyboard with backlit features.

The technology is comparatively newer.

Yes, that is okay. But backlit keyboard are entering the mainstream keyboard market these days. They are widely available now. You can buy one from different brands. You can appreciate other qualities they have apart from backlighting.

Above all, they cost a little more, but not much.

However, when the tech wasn’t there, people used to simply manage in a usual keyboard with no backlighting features whatsoever. If you practice something called touch typing, then you can easily use a keyboard without any backlighting effect as you are going to look at the screen and type on and on.

So, why does it matter then, the backlighting?

Well, we will find the answer in this post. So, stick to it and read it patiently.

Backlit Keyboards; Why Buying Them Means Good Use of Money

Whether or not you got the money from your savings or from a simple cash loan from direct lenders, investing in a backlit keyboard makes a lot of sense because the facilities you are going to get from it is unmatched!

With that being said, I can say that I am voting for the standard backlit keyboards or the more advanced ones. But, think again. I am doing this to get another good product on your desk that will last for a long and will work well.

Let us learn what a backlit keyboard is at first

Usually implementing LED lights, a backlit keyboard has keys, underneath which soft, white light is projected in order to illuminate the letters. It is obvious that the technology helps you to write or type in the dark using the keyboard. Many backlit designs also come with adjustable brightness features and illuminate the edges of the keys, taking the backlighting level to the next level of intensity.

There are other variants of this backlit feature also. But let us discuss these features on the way.

You might need to invest in a backlit keyboard because:

  • It Is Good for Dark Environments
  • You Can Type Faster If You’re Not a Touch Typist
  • You Can Use It If You Are Learning to Type
  • Convenient to Use Almost in Any Environment
  • You Get Customisable Lighting for Gaming (or If You Just Want It)

Without further ado, let us now get in touch with these points and learn why investing in a keyboard of this kind is not a bad idea.

It Is Good for Dark Environments

Many employees working from home or the office has dimmer lights.

This doesn’t make things good for them when they work long hours.

Let’s say you are working in your system for hours on (either in-home or in the office), and you have got a poor lighting option.

Yes, fixing it is a solution, and you will need it.

But what if the light doesn’t work?

Well, a backlit keyboard can save your assignments for that day.

The technology is designed in a way that you get to work with the keyboard in almost all types of dark environments, such as the dusky light in the afternoons or evenings or the darkness of the nights.

You can also work in a dim light, which usually doesn’t let you see things clearly in the dark but is used for relaxation purposes (such as a night bulb).

You Can Type Faster If You’re Not a Touch Typist

Being a typist isn’t easy.

The ones with a God-level speed in their hands are surely people we should bow down to.

However, some of them can type simply by looking at the screen. There are many who lack this skill. This is known as touch typing. 

People who aren’t touch typists always need to look at their keyboard to find the letters. Yes, it isn’t very pleasant in some cases. But many reported that they cannot move on to touch typing because they are now attached deeply to this habit.

It is one of the biggest reasons for people to go for a backlit keyboard.

Those who do not know touch typing get a good backup from devices of this kind. They can look at the keys comfortably, even in very dark environments and continue typing.

You Can Use It If You Are Learning to Type

Are you a student who is developing a good typing speed for finishing off his or her projects?

Or are you learning to type?

As mentioned earlier, many prefer touch typing, and they can learn it from websites. But it is also true that others simply learn typing by looking at the keyboard.

Even if you prefer touch typing, you will need to look at the keyboard to learn.

Even if you get an expert in it, you need to take a peek from time to time to find if your typing fits the orientation of the key layout on the keyboard.

So, either way, a backlit keyboard is worth it.

Convenient to Use Almost in Any Environment

A backlit keyboard is fun as you can use it in almost any environment, from the darkroom in your home to a dimly lit restaurant.

I used it once on the aeroplane to answer some emails, trust me. I found it pretty interesting to use it at night while everyone else (probably) was getting some shut-eye.

My typing didn’t disturb them, and I felt pretty stress-free about it.

It Is a Good Option for the Elderly or Those with Poor Eyesight

I have seen that many elderly people (or the ones with poor eyesight) use a backlit keyboard more comfortably than normal ones.

Besides, it keeps their workstation much cleaner and stationed because they don’t need to search for areas with bright light to have a look at the keyboard and type.

Some of them told me how to buy one effectively. Figuring out that many of them receive government-sponsored benefits, I asked them to talk to direct lenders. They do consider the need for a cash loan on people on benefits and help you with customisable ways any time you approach them.

To Conclude: Customized Lighting

Keyboards with backlit features come with customisable lighting options.

Although meant for gamers, a higher-end model of these keyboards can get you to set multiple colours in different keys. You can also get RGB backlighting.

Keyboards like the Zebronics Zeb-Max Ninja are a 60% backlit keyboard with Bluetooth, a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and a wired connection all packed into it.

Yes, they were a bit expensive. Nevertheless, you know how to deal with that in the previous point.

Do your research; compare prices, and go for the keyboard you need.

Bring some light into the words you type.

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