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8 Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs

8 Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Men

 If we see there are a lot of good spots for a tattoo on a man’s body, such as wrist, arm, Biceps, chest, back, calves and shoulder. The shoulder is the much-preferred spot for a tattoo on men over any other spot because this is one of the popular choices of men. The tattoo designs look stylish and can have a significant meaning for the wearer.

The shoulder is a sign of power and strength. No matter what the reason for which you are getting a tattoo on your skin, the shoulder. That would be the perfect place for you to get a tattoo because of the flat structure, the shoulder becoming. The ideal place for a tattoo. Also, if you want, you can extend your tattoo to your chest or just limit it to your shoulder. It all depends on your choice. If you are planning to get a large-sized tattoo sleeve, then shoulder would be the best option for you. Because a large design will look pretty good on your shoulder.  

You can use the shoulder to get the design like a religious symbol, tradition, or a memorial to family. If you have a well-toned, muscular shoulder, then your tattoo design will look much prettier than it was already. You are getting a tattoo for the first time, then going for a shoulder tattoo would be a good choice for you, and the pain level is also low in that area.

If you are someone who is sure about getting a shoulder tattoo but cannot be able to figure out the design of the tattoo, then you have come to the right article. In this article we are going to suggest some of the best shoulder tattoo designs which will help you to finalize your tattoo design.  

Skull Shoulder Tattoo Design:

This tattoo design is a versatile option for men. A lot of men choose this design because the appeal of this design sets it apart. This design also signifies a different meaning, as some see it as a celebration of life, and on the other hand, some people think that it is related to death, so it’s going to be something negative, but it all depends on your thinking. There are a lot of skull tattoo designs, from a Mexican sugar skull to a Gothic skull or even a realistic anatomical skull. They look really amazing in all the styles. Also, the shoulder is best placement for the skull tattoo design because of the curved lines and circular element. If you want, then you can easily make this design into a sleeve tattoo.

Clock Shoulder Tattoo Design:

The clock tattoo design is something not everyone will try, because of which it has become a unique tattoo design. Also, as clocks mark time, they are considered to represent life and death in the tattoos. This tattoo design will always keep you reminded that our time on earth is very limited, so, try to make the most of every day. With this tattoo design, you can also merge other designs as well, which will enhance the meaning of tattoos. As Flowers and Clocks could represent the beauty and transience of life. Owl and Clock represent the gaining of wisdom over a lifetime. Generally, clocks are circular in design, and they are a little curvy, which will make this design look best on your shoulders.

Flowers Shoulder Tattoo Design:

If you are someone who is looking for classic, unique and old school tattoo vibes, then you can go for flower tattoo design. Flowers like roses, lotuses and daisies would be the perfect choice for your tattoo. The flower tattoo symbolizes the beauty and challenges that one can face in life. The circular shape of the flower will help the flower fit on your shoulder. It will be perfect on your shoulder. If you want something which is unique and which not a lot of people have tried, then you can merge. Your flower tattoo design with other designs like skulls, geometrics and any animals. Which will enhance the look of tattoo design.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design:

As we all know, tattoos have been around our culture for a long time now. There are a lot of tribes all over the world who used to get inked. This art of tribal tattoo was a very mainstream design in the 90’s. Now also, if we see people getting tribal tattoos, it is much more famous than any other design. The design of Māori culture and Africa are quite famous for large shoulder tattoos because of the bold lines and pattern. This artwork is not very easy to do. It requires a very skilled tattoo artist to do this job. The tribal design also signifies achievement, power, strength, bravery and leadership.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Design:

If you are planning a shoulder tattoo, then the thought of getting a dragon tattoo must have crossed. Your mind because this design option has been very famous for men for a long period of time, and with all the curves, these designs look pretty good on the shoulder. The dragon tattoo also represents strength, power, and wisdom. This tattoo is so flexible that if you pair it up with any other design, it’ll surely look great. You can choose from a Chinese or Japanese dragon. Which and their snake like body wrap around the biceps, traps and chest would look pretty amazing, and a lot of people will notice your tattoo.

Small Shoulder Tattoo Design:

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time in life and do not want to get a large tattoo on your shoulder, then do not worry, the small tattoo design also looks very amazing on your shoulder. You can try designs like one-word inking, a geometrical symbol or a small meaningful religious symbol. Also, as it will be your first, you might be scared of pain, but do not worry, the shoulder is the least painful spot on our body and the small tattoo will take a lot less time to be completed, which surely makes this tattoo design the ideal choice for your first tattoo.

Celtics Shoulder Tattoo Design:

This tattoo art style features striking rings and knots, making this the perfect choice for a shoulder tattoo. The circular symbol and lines help in shaping the tattoo around your muscles. These tattoo patterns also have a deeper meaning; they are believed to represent the sun’s life-giving energy, and the union of the physical and the spiritual worlds. The Celtics tattoo design is not very common, a lot of people do not opt for this design, which makes this design unique. So, if you want something which is unique and not so common, then you can go for the Celtics tattoo design.

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo Design:

For men of Polynesia heritage, tattooing is a traditional and sacred right of passage. Tattooing has been part of their culture for a long period of time. Till now men of Polynesia are following these traditions. This tattoo design is a combination of curved lines mixed with geometric symbols and also solid black shapes. This tattoo design is very distinctive and unique in appearance, but it’s also a part of their culture and rich heritage. The designs for these Polynesian tattoos made up of very protective and nature-inspired. The most famous design of their tattoo is the wave. Which they believe to preserve and increase the person’s life force. The armbands and shoulder tattoos are traditional in Polynesian culture.

Final Words,

So, these are 8 best Shoulder tattoo designs which a man can try. There are a lot of more tattoo designs. But the above mentioned are quite famous and unique, which you should definitely try for once. If you are getting this tattoo for the first time, then get it done by a tattoo artist who very experienced and skilled. There are a lot of tattoo studio in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru who can do these shoulder tattoos perfectly.

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