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Your Basic Introduction to Automated Door Entry System

Door Entry System

Door Entry System

Your Basic Introduction to Automated Door Entry System

There are innumerable types of properties or buildings but they all have one thing in common. All buildings control access.  As a developer, owner or manager of a property or properties it is obvious that your concern is finding a reliable way get guests, occupants, tenants, visitors and delivery carriers through the main entrance or front door. This is where a door entry system becomes relevant.   

Experienced and skilled professionals handling door entry installation assure these systems can easily be installed in a newly constructed building as well as retrofitted in old and existing ones. On the positive stride, you get a lot of options to choose from. Therefore with little basic knowledge, you can take an informed decision in choosing the best door entry system for your property. Let us explore further in the following paragraphs.

An introduction to door entry system

A door entry system is an access solution to a building. It is installed at an entryway to manage access into as well as within the property. These systems allow you control who is allowed to enter building or a room and who is not. The system verifies an individual’s identity and then opens the door to the authorized ones. However most of these systems provide a way for visitors to request access into the building or a room.

Places where door entry systems are used

You can install these automated systems in any kind of building. In order to choose the most appropriate product you have to consider a building’s infrastructure and criteria to access.

These reliable automated systems are widely seen at the following places:

Apartments – As a matter of fact every apartment in this planet requires a door entry system. It bolsters the security of a building. Moreover the systems ensure that visitors can request access into a building from its residents fast and without any hassle.

Workplaces, businesses and offices – A commercial door entry system is ideal for workplaces and office buildings. In fact those are suitable for any type of businesses. An entry system with no key proves convenient for both tenants and employees. They can come and leave at their own time and pace without being bothered about carrying keys or fobs.

Industrial premises and buildings – Properties that serve as storage facility or warehouse are also widely benefitted from door entry systems that allow only authorised individuals to enter into a building.

Gated communities – It is also a wise decision to install these automated systems at entrance gates of multifamily properties.

The way door entry systems work

Door entry system work on a simple mechanism – they verify identity of an authorised individual in one hand, while on the other provides visitors a way to place request to access the property through its inhabitants, occupants or tenants. Every door entry system requires tangible hardware installed at the entrance. In technical terms this hardware known as base station. While in certain systems you need to install hardware in every unit throughout the property. Those hardware units known as substations.

How can a visitor manage entry into the premise or building? This is indeed a very valid issue to consider. In order to get access through a door entry system a visitor has search for a resident listed in the directory of the system. There is a button that needs to pressed to contact that person or family. The system thus alerts the person concerned that there is a visitor. The alert or notification served through either a phone call or a mobile app. The resident then speaks to the visitor remotely and presses a button to open the door for the later. Door entry systems usually have an electric or a magnetic lock. As the tenant presses the ‘door release’ button, the system sends a signal to the electric or the magnetic lock to allow entry.

Even tenants, occupants and inhabitants too can grant them entry through these automated entry systems. They can do it by using a fob, a key card or a mobile app.

Important points to sum up

A door entry is more like an access solution to enable you who can enter a building and who cannot.

Most of this range of solutions also provides visitors and guests with a way to place access request from residents or staffs of a building.

These systems verify the identity of an individual – like a programmed key fob – and based on that access granted.

As a part of visitor management ability, door entry systems also allow guests or visitors to call and talk to inhabitants of a building. Inhabitants can then open the entrance door for those guests remotely.

Varieties of door entry systems

To be honest, ‘door entry system’ is a broad term that covers a wide range of building access solutions. On the whole the products can categorised into four main types, namely:

In the following section we will discuss access control systems.

Access control systems

Any solution that allows authorised users to grant themselves access to a property through a verified credential is basically an access control system. These are nothing but a keyless entry system. An authorised person can enter into a building or a room without using a physical key. This approach of doing away with traditional locks and keys obviously proves to be more convenient for users and it definitely saves money too.

On the flip side, this range of automated systems only allows entry to authorised persons – that is tenants and residents. But these do not provide guests the privilege of placing an access request.

Access control systems for door entry are broadly of two types:

Registered electrician in Kensington explains RFID is the shortened form of radio-frequency identification. It is a technology based on radio waves to scan data which stored inside an RFID tag. The RFID technology forms the backbone of both key card door entry systems and Fob access control systems.

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