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Why You Should Consider Handwoven Fabric For Your Next Project

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Handwoven Fabric

Handwoven Fabric is a real representation of the richness of Indian textile that is very extensive. Even in today’s world, hand woven fabric india is famous for its soft and smooth handwoven fabric. Handwoven fabrics are an excellent alternative to be stylish while following sustainability. And no wonder, after so many years we are still fascinated by the texture and beauty of handwoven fabric. Such material does not only hold beauty but also has a touch of intensive labour and crafters.

Handweaving is a laborious process that might take a weaver anything from 8 to 16 days. To multiple months to complete a 5-meter textile. As a result, handwoven cloth is more costly than machine-made cloth.

Apart from smooth texture, there are various other benefits that ‘handmade fabric’ has. So let’s explore those advantages with this post.

Handwoven fabric and sustainability

This kind of textile is aesthetically pleasing as well as ecologically friendly. The question which arises with it, “many of us think that it is possible. That handwoven textiles goes with the concept of sustainability?” The absence of automation also provides weavers with several chances to decrease waste and participate in environmentally friendly methods.

Handwoven Fabric has quality

While machine-made clothes are possible to produce in vast quantities. In short periods of time, hand-woven textiles take more time and attention to make. High-quality, long-lasting cloth that is rare, heirloom-worthy and appreciated for a longer period of time is the product. To give you an idea, the time it takes to get from weaving thread to finished cloth. That is roughly two weeks. Brocade weaving production involves inserting sticks into the warp threads of pedal handlooms, which are useful to the fabric’s intricate brocade weave.

Fulfil social accountability

There are advantages to buying directly from home-based artisans rather than using wage-hired labourers in giant corporate factories, such as receiving a fair income and greater control over their working circumstances. Individuals’ livelihoods are bolstered as well as local economies in less-developed regions of the globe by purchasing handwoven textiles. The preservation of the world’s multi-cultural tapestry may be achieved through supporting these groups, as well.

Low level of shrinking  

Woven textiles are more stable when it comes to shrinking and do not respond as adversely to pressures as compared to knitted materials. Cold water and lying flat to dry are the best methods for preventing shrinkage if you want to eliminate this problem.

Level of comfort

Of course, comfort is subjective and largely depends on the materials include in and the wearer’s preferences. Many of us know how soft and comfortable our handwoven cotton fabrics feel.


Fabric that has been “handwoven” has inherent features of breathability, even if the fibers used in its creation play a role. In addition to being more breathable, handwoven materials are more comfortable than synthetic ones like polyester.

Uniqueness and stability of Handwoven Fabric

Manufacturers produce pieces to fulfil the order and not only for mass consumption because of the demand-driven nature of manufacturing. As a consequence, fashion takes on a deeper significance, and it opens doors. For more people in underdeveloped nations to earn a living wage. In addition, it fosters a feeling of mission and belonging, and it protects historically significant ways of life from extinction.

I was always a big fan of the handwoven fabric. After so many years, now again with increased demand for sustainability handmade fabrics are into fashion. You can draft myriad apparel out of this material like skirts, tops and shirts. Nowadays handmade fabric bags are high in demand. Further, hand woven head cloth gives immense comfort especially during summer time.

 To have high quality handmade fabric, always prefer to buy pure cotton muslin material. You can verify it by checking for some needle mark and imperfection. Power loom fabric does not have any flaws and owns perfection. To buy pure handwoven material, visit fabriclore and explore various varieties of this amazing material with different patterns and designs.

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