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Why Sage 50 Hosting Is A Real Big Thing For Tech-Savvy Accountants And CPAs?

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Sage 50 Hosting

Why Sage 50 Hosting Is A Real Big Thing For Tech-Savvy Accountants And CPAs?

It has been more than two years since the pandemic occurred and its impact continues to define how we work, progress, and survive. As Covid-boosted consumers, we trickle back to the pre-covid work experiences. However, the quick and wide adoption of technology continues to grow and persist in our work life.

The growing cloud adoption in the accounting industry has been a key driver in enhancing the tech understanding of both business owners and employees. Most people are keen to understand how they can benefit from adopting cloud technology to reach a wider market than ever before. As a tech-savvy CPA in the ever-evolving accounting ecosystem, it is only wise to find a balance between cloud technology and software utility. If you use Sage 50 accounting software, you can avail substantial and long-term benefits of Sage hosting.

Whether you have just started the accounting practice or have certain experience, the benefits of switching to Sage cloud hosting to complement and support the business are compelling.

Wondering if you should run a few checks before you make the decision to transform the way you work? Let’s dive right in.

What Happens When You Switch to Sage Cloud Hosting?

Technically, when you want to start using Sage desktop software, you need to install it on your local computer, configure the settings, and proceed. Both data and software files stay on the system locally, consuming its computing power in terms of storage and RAM.

When you plan to switch to hosted Sage cloud, you are basically agreeing to install the licensed Sage 50 desktop software to a third-party cloud server in place of your local computer. Whether you opt for a shared or dedicated server, you will exercise control over the server settings and configuration accordingly. Doing this will take the software to the cloud, making it accessible via the Internet while also eliminating the need for local software installation.

Why Take Sage Software on the Cloud?

If you are not convinced about Sage 50 hosting, here are a few reasons that can give you the confidence to make this right move:

You get to access Sage globally

Local software installation comes with operational timings and limitations. You can access Sage hosted on a local computer when you are in the office, sitting in front of that system only. If you have a team that works individually on their respective computer systems, the same restriction applies to them all.

Hosted Sage cloud eliminates many such limitations. Your business could be based in Wilmington but you can handle/work on client requests for accounting tasks from Hillsborough. Sage hosted on the cloud also multiplies the scope of your accounting business. As you can cater to countless interested clients that you might not know otherwise. You can simply access Sage software from any device remotely and get things done for them.

You Save Money

One of the perks of being a tech-savvy accountant is that. You also think of technology as a way to cut down. The costs involved while getting more benefits. By taking Sage software to the cloud, you are, at the very least, adding new and improved technology to your business at an affordable cost. This further opens a world of opportunities as you get to do things faster and in a more streamlined manner.

Moreover, all your accounting data along with the software files gets stored on the cloud server, enabling you to be free from the data security woes as you grow your practice. It would be fair to assume that the Sage cloud hosting price is comparatively lesser than investing. That is in a local IT setup and maintenance.

You enjoy higher uptime

With your technical knowledge of the working of computer hardware and software, you would agree that certain technical issues can arise at any time. The time it would take to resolve such issues mostly depends on the impact it has on the overall system.

When you switch to Sage 50 hosting, you can save yourself from facing various IT issues that commonly arise in a local-hosted environment. In case you need assistance with cloud hosting, you can ask for help from the chosen cloud solution provider 24×7. As a result of their HPC server performance backed by round-the-clock support, you experience a higher uptime. All of these benefits put together allows you to scale the accounting practice up while keeping the costs low.

You benefit from automated backups

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot to save accounting files related to your clients. Then lost them for the worst in case of a natural disaster?

While you cannot have a say in the occurrence of natural phenomena, you do need to prepare yourself and shield your business against such situations. Switching to Sage 50 hosting is one way to do so. Most renowned cloud solution providers offer automated rolling backup facilities. This ensures that you can recover the lost data and put it back into use. Take the case of Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading Sage cloud hosting provider. That benefits its clients with a 45-days rolling backup.

A Few Tips to Select Sage 50 Hosting Provider

If you are now convinced to avail of Sage cloud hosting services, the next important thing you need to know is how to find and hire the best hosted Sage cloud provider. The following tips will help you get started in this aspect:

Check compliance certifications

If a cloud solution provider adheres to the predefined standards like HIPAA and SOC-2, you can rest assured you will get the best experience of using Sage software on the cloud. It will also be paired with top-notch security measures in place.

Ask for SLA-backed uptime

As a CPA switching from local-hosted to cloud-hosted Sage software, it is important for you to ask about. The cloud provider’s strategy to deal with server downtime. Moreover, check for the SLA-backed server uptime guarantee, which can be as high as 99.999%.

Consider the cost of hosting plans

In general, the overall Sage cloud hosting price depends on the plan you select, tech-stack. Specifications in terms of RAM and storage, and the number of users. If you have a small team, you can take the road ahead by selecting. The basic hosting plan and getting start.

Check for customizable plans

Many cloud solution providers offer pre-defined hosting plans, such as the XYZ plan meant for 5 users, with 20 GB storage. But what if you want to provide authorized cloud access to seven members and need 40 GB of storage space? For such needs, it makes sense to ask about the availability of custom hosting plans.

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