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Why do You Need CSCS Test?

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Why do You Need CSCS Test?

It’s Very important for everyone who is looking to do work in construction industry to be successfully qualified. The CSCS Test help the worker to know that the other workers will not put them at risk of injury and this is the best way to prove to this industry that you are qualified to do your job in right manner.

How long does it take to get a result of your CSCS Test?

Once you are ready to give your CITB Test. Which include 50 Multiple Choice Question Based on general knowledge of Health and safety environment. It will take 45 minute to complete this test. So there will be a limited time to pass this test, Once you complete the test, you get your test report at the same time so you can see your test result. That CITB test report includes the details like your name, CITB testing ID, Score of your test. That how much you got, with Centre name and the number of right answers out of 50 questions and this CITB test will be valid for 2 years, by the help of this test report you can apply for CSCS Card.

Can you do CSCS Test Online?

No you Can’t. you can do CSCS Test at Pearson vue centre for that, First you have to know that which test your eligible for, Operative test and if you wants to manage a construction site you need a Managers and Professionals test. This is just a Example of the various tests out there for different levels, and even trades, test will be 45 minute touch screen test with 50 Multiple Choice Question Based on general knowledge of Health and safety environment .

How many types of CSCS Test Available ?

There are three different types of test:

  1. Operatives Test : This is the most common CITB test for those people. How is applying for Ground level job like Labour card, the Apprentice card and the trainee card. It’s a basic level of Health and safety environment test. For this Operative test you have to score 45 mark out of 50 questions and you can get voiceover headset support in 14 language.
  2. The Specialist Test: This card is basically for professional and its advanced level card for those you wants to do Supervision or working at heights and specialist test is required when you are looking to apply for blue skilled card or specialist card as per eligibility.
  3. MAP(Manager & Professional) Test : This CITB test for those people who is looking to managers work on construction site. This test help you when you wants to apply Manger card like Black Manager. The Academically or Professionally Qualified person cards Etc.

Where will you book your First CSCS Test ?

At Construction Stave straight forward you can book your CITB test. If you are also looking to book your CSCS Card, we will help you to book. That as well and the required things before going to the Test Centre for CITB Test. Which are needed before you can apply for a CSCS card feel free to Contact us at 7586078034. We are here to support you and resolve your query to grow in your Career.

Conclusion :

our main goals with career guide to help you to understand all the various jobs related to construction site. And how you will need CSCS test and get CSCS cards and right qualification for various trades and more.

Construction Stave is very professional and authorized towards. There customer and its a web platform for providing CITB Test, CSCS Card and Course Services. We have a team of dedicated people and they have capability with enormous energy. Solve your any problem and queries, with a focus on dependability and fast CSCS Cards Services.

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