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What is The Importance of Preschool Education in 2021?

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Importance of Preschool Education

What is The Importance of Preschool Education?

Previously, children used to start their education through Kindergarten, but the new norm of sending a child to preschool is becoming a trend. Based on the statistics, about 70% of parents preferred sending their children to preschool before they start their secondary education. 

At the age of 3 years to 5 years, a child can be enrolled in a preschool, and this phase is known to witness exponential growth of the human brain. Thus, to understand social-emotional changes, a child needs to get along with peers, and preschool is the only place that can provide child-care, along with establishing social and mental development. 

5 Reasons why Preschool is a must for a child

Preschool can be a bonus in a child’s life, and the results last for the entire academic period. If you are still planning on saving money and yet to decide whether you want to send your child to preschool, then go through these little known benefits listed below:

1.   Preschool is the foundation

Children are usually curious about their surroundings, and in this phase, they are quite observant and also capable of learning the skills easily. It is the duty of a parent to enrol a student into a reputed preschool. Thus, they can get prepared for academic challenges in the near future. Importance of Preschool Education helps the child to explore a variety of activities and enhance their social skills.

2.   Understand the structured setting

At Pune campus preschool, a child goes through a standard curriculum and understands the importance of discipline, values and morals in their life. They learn to follow instructions, ask questions when their turn comes and respect elders and their peer groups. A child learns to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right.

3.   Fulfils the basic academic need

A child gets accustome to pre-math and pre-literacy skills, which help them to get admission in a school. The entire procedure helps to build confidence and improves a child’s self-esteem. The lessons imparted through playful activity. Thus, making the learning process easy-going so that a child doesn’t lose interest

4.   Provides a holistic development

Preschool prepares a child to learn compassion, be respectful and solve simple mathematics problems. They also get to understand their fears, the world around them and develop a sense of responsibility, and get a direction for their creative mind and skills. They also learn to become independent and not to take help from parents for the task which they are capable of doing, such as taking a glass of water, helping to set the dinner table, etc.

5.   Answer the curious mind

As a child starts exploring their surroundings, they likely question everything around them, like why it is raining? Why are the birds flying? A parent might irritate, but at preschool, they get answers to these questions because the teaching faculties trained to understand child psychology and help to build the conversation and exploration.

Conclusion Importance of Preschool Education

Being a parent, you should not forget that a child’s first education starts at home. So, you must initiate the urge to learn and read in your child. If you sense that they are feeling low about going to preschool, sit with them to help them to understand the benefits or take them for a walk around the school premises.

If your child has low confidence, then encourage them. Giving them certain responsibilities, like tying the shoelace on their own, feeding the birds. Also, do not forget that old is gold, so reading bedtime stories/folktales can also help them. Build a sense of language development and cultivate experience within them.

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