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What is the cost of Web designing in Dubai?

cost of Web designing

cost of Web designing

What is the cost of Web designing in Dubai?

For a company, building a website is the first step toward opening up its arms to the immense opportunities that the internet has to offer. While building a website, you will need a web designer who will act as the architect of your site and a web developer who will be the engineer bringing the designs of the web designer to life. Considering the extravagant lifestyles of dubaites, one might think that web design in Dubai must be expensive. I did some digging and found out that the prices are very reasonable!

Cost of web designing

The cost of designing a website will vary according to the nature of the website. Like; What purpose is this website going to fulfill? Is it going to be a shopping site? Is it going to be very interactive? Will there be many animations? And so on.

Factors affecting the cost of web designing in Dubai

There are several factors that will affect the actual cost of web designing,some of them are:

Responsiveness of the design:

Responsiveness refers to the ease at which the website runs across devices. With the entire world being glued to its phone, it is essential to maintain a user-friendly interface across devices. It is bad for the company if the website is laggy or irritating to the user accessing it via phone. Before approaching and bargaining about the costs with a web development company, ask yourself if you want to give your customer smooth and similar browsing experiences on his pc and smartphone.


Your web designer might have created the most attractive website on the internet, but it will go unnoticed if it isn’t ranked well on google. This is where search engine optimize landing page becomes handy. Google keeps updating its algorithms; hence to ensure visibility on the search page, the website must keep up with the ever-changing SEO requirements. Better reach is achieved by using specific frequently used keywords in the website’s content. Web development companies in Dubai usually include SEO in their costs.

Navigation across the site:

The attention span of most humans is shorter than that of a goldfish. So, If website visitors aren’t able to move around the website seamlessly and quickly find the information they are looking for, they will hop on to a different website causing you a loss of traffic. The viewer must move smoothly from one part of your website to another.


If you are running an ecommerce website, you might have to spend a little more on inculcating specific plugins on your website. You might need a plugin to set up a store, set up payment options, etc.


Web design in Dubai is about creating the most catchy eyegasmic websites. With creativity pouring on the internet, you will have to spend extra cash to give your website an artsy look. The graphics and templates you use on your websites will affect your web designing budget immensely.

Elements of web development:

Your web designer will be able to provide you with a few significant aspects of web development like web hosting and an SSL certificate. Web hosting will give you a server to store all the files relating to your website, whereas an SSL certificate ensures the security of your website against several cyber threats. If you opt for these services, the cost will reflect your budget. Keep in mind the cost of web hosting will vary depending on the type of web hosting you are looking for.

Service provider:

Several website developers and designers can provide you with a few or all of the above-mentioned services. Each provider’s costs will vary depending on his expertise and the services he can offer. The deadline you give your web designer will also affect the price. While choosing a provider, don’t cheap out on plugins and web development tools, as they play a vital role in keeping your website afloat. The best web development company in Dubai will provide you with all the services at a reasonable rate.

Average cost estimation of web designing in Dubai

As discussed earlier, the nature of the website will affect the cost of web designing. A web development company in Dubai may charge you anywhere around 4000 AED-35000 AED( without including SEO) to design your website. If you plan on building a social networking website like Facebook or LinkedIn with a basic template and conversational tools, it may cost you anywhere between 3500 AED-18365 AED.

A website created for education purposes with lots of information, pictures, and videos may cost you 6000 AED. The price may increase if you feel like adding a chatbot or other tools to the website.

The cost of an ecommerce website may range between 10000 AED-35000 AED. Ecommerce websites are slightly expensive as they require several functions like stores, payment options, inventory management, etc.

Do note the amount of money you spend on SEO will rapidly affect your website’s cost.SEO becomes essential as it helps keep your website afloat by increasing reach and traffic.

How to choose a web designer?

Choosing the right web designer may be challenging since plenty of talented designers are available today. Before settling on a web designer, make sure to define your requirements thoroughly. Ask yourself if you will require too many functions or can do with basic tasks if you need a lot of graphics, if you need to set up a payment option, and so on.

Communicate your requirements to the web designer beforehand, giving no scope for confusion. Choose a designer skilled enough to cater to all your needs at a reasonable rate. Don’t forget to ask for their portfolio or even references of their past clients’ websites if they are willing to give them to you. This will help you understand their skill set and match your preferences. Try to avoid designers who lack proven experience in the field.

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