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What is Need of CSCS Card?

need CSCS card

need CSCS card

What is CSCS Card?

CSCS “Construction Skills Certification Scheme” is the leading organisation within the United Kingdom (UK),It is skills certification scheme for people working within construction industry.
Card gives proof that you are qualified and trained for the construction related work.

Why do you need CSCS Card?

Need of CSCS Card prove to your employer or principal and to other workers on construction site, that you are qualified to do your work on construction site.
Even if you are are confident in your skills and experience, if you don’t have the right CSCS Card to prove your ability,
it is impossible that you will be allowed on construction site for your job.

Lots of companies in the United Kingdom (UK) use the CSCS Card as a part of hiring procedures, as having a valid card is a evidence that you are eligible the construction related job.
There is not required any legal compliance with the scheme, you will find complexity to land either on a permanent job or short term site-based jobs,
without a right CSCS card.

Why are Construction Site Skills Important?

Construction site health and safety is utmost important in the construction sector.
Construction sites and also the equipment used on them possess many potential risks, including the threat of severe injury and loss of life.

HSE reported that the speed of hard hat injuries rose for the primary time in five years in 2018-2019.
As per the previous records, there were approx 300-400 non-fatal injuries per 100,000 employees
Fines in the construction sector were £15.7 million 30 construction workers died in 2018-2019.

Construction site skills and a transparent awareness of safe working practices are vital in helping to keep sites safe.
When it comes to cards, there are 12 different need of card type which are important and that is proof your occupation working in construction .
An individual or group of individuals can apply for the CSCS cards as per the requirement of job on construction site.
The Card is a evidence of identity and your competence related to your job need.

Overall, there are 12 different Cards.

1.Labourer card – GREEN CSCS Card.

2.Apprentice card – RED CSCS Card.

3.Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager card – RED Card.

4.Experienced worker card – RED CSCS Card.

5.Trainee card – RED Card.

6.Skilled worker Card – BLUE Card.

7.Advanced Craft card – GOLD Card.

8.Supervisory card – GOLD Card.

9.Manager card – BLACK Card.

10.Academically qualified person card – AQP Card.

11.Professionally qualified person card – PQP Card.

12.Provisional card – RED Card

You can apply for CSCS online on

Which cards do I need?

There are lots of Health and Safety cards (CSCS Cards) that a construction worker can apply for on Depending on your trade or position, you may be required to take a specialist test or a manager’s professionals test see below for more information or for any query you may checkout

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