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What is Curated Content?

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Curated Content

What is Curated Content?

what is curated content

It become a buzzword of late for online marketers to get involve in what called “curation”. What is curated content? It means that the information you put on the web done so in an efficient and targeted manner. It is also design to serve the needs of your target audience much more than the search engines. The concept of what is curated or filtered content creation is relatively easy to define.


Actually, the definition of curation is very easy. In reality, it is all content, relevant to your particular niche that you regularly share with your target market. Then again, you do not participate in the actual creation process. Instead, you simply locate and distribual ready-created created materials which will definitely bring value to your audience and customers.

If you are just starting out as an internet marketer, there are various ways that you can use to start creating curated content. One such way is to schedule your blog posts for publishing on a predetermined number of days so that your audience will be provided with fresh new content on a regular basis. This way of distributing your blogs or other marketing materials known as “day-long distribution”. On the flip side, the strategy of what curtailed or filtered and what is not may also utilized for a more specific targeted approach to marketing.

When you are providing digital marketing strategies to promote your business, you should first establish. What curtailed or filtered content and what is not. For example, let’s say that you are planning to run a blog post relating to how to increase traffic to a website. In this instance, your audience may not be targeting your website by category or even for keywords. In this instance, what is curtail is the subject line that contains the word “blog” in it.

Valuable Content

What is not a valuable curated content or what is not a curtail subject matter can considered as the “gold” mine of online marketers. For example, let’s say that you are running a blog post promoting social media marketing strategies for internet marketers. You are trying to sell people the value of joining Facebook. The topic of discussion here could revolve around building large fan pages for social media sites. Yet, your audience does not cater to this topic. Perhaps, your audience consists of small business owners and professional networkers.

In both instances, what is creation essentially is identifying the right curators to help you with your objectives. The difference between a good curator and a bad one is quite vast. An effective who understands the purpose of his or her work has already created roadmap for his or her followers. Where they need to go while the bad ones simply follow whatever the marketer tells them to do. This type of curator and marketer is like a salesperson. Who does not know the product at all and has not even bothered to develop one. They simply promote the product the way it needs to promoted and forget that the customer does not want to buy it that way.

Information Curated Content

So, what is useful information curation? This is a form of content creation that specifically develop to offer something more. The usual articles and reviews that we see everyday on the Internet. Instead, these curators will provide their readers with very relevant and useful information based on their own experience. This type of curation is usually very specific and addresses the concerns and goals of its target market.

For example, an image curation directory such as Twitter Lists is a great place to offer your own followers. Since the directory maintain manually, you will only be able to add relevant images to it. What is useful information curation? It is the combination of content creation and an image source.

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