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What are The Top Five Parts of a Research Paper?

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What are The Top Five Parts of a Research Paper?

A research paper is one of the formalities needed to be done during your academic life. It is part of your academic life. You might have prepared and submitted many research throughout your academic career till now. Still, if you do not write a well-structured and balanced research paper, managing all of its parts. Making it attractive, your findings may not be appreciated and accepted. 

Not knowing how to manage and structure the research of paper is one of the most fundamental reasons why students choose Research paper writing services. These services are available online and lessen the burden on students by providing their services. 

Are you struggling with managing your research paper? Or do you not know how to lay it out effectively? Do you not know how to manage the parts and which part you should focus on more? This is a prevailing situation among students, and there is nothing to worry about. Students usually seek dissertation help online to avoid these questions and problems.

We have brought forward the following article to inform. The students about the critical elements of the research paper. How they can make a valuable outline while keeping critical points in front of them. 

Know the structure or discipline of Research Paper

Remember that any research paper is “Based on an hourglass structure.” The most common and basic structure starts with an introduction, does a literature review, and carries out the research and information, including the conclusion. 

The following structure is the most basic; however, it varies from type to type of research you are doing and between the specific disciplines. Different categories and dynamics must focus on other parts, not following the most common structure. Therefore it is essential to know what type of research you are conducting. What your research needs to focus on? 

However, in the following article, we have focused on the most critical parts of the research paper. You should focus on while writing any paper. 

Introduction of Research Paper

Writing down an introduction is the first step of any research for many students. Laying out the process and setting down. The direction of the research paper is all the opening is about, according to them. 

While many students think that a quick and short summary of their topic and research is enough, both techniques and methods are good as long as you have planned a well-structured research on paper. 

Whatever method you are following, keep in mind that the following are the things that a good introduction must have:

  • Give a general presentation and idea about your research.
  • Let them know the target you want to achieve by this research.
  • Then state what your position is.

Method of Research Paper

You can say that it is the easiest part of any research of paper. It is precisely the demonstration of the methodologies, techniques, experiments, and practices used to perform this research. The subject of this part of the research is the discussion of surveys. The exact design followed in conducting this research. 

However, there is a vast difference in the methodologies and the research designs. The one you adopt to do research for social sciences. That is completely different from the one you held for investigating natural science topics. 

But keep in mind that your readers might be the people of not know the methodologies you are using. So try not to get an in-depth explanation and explain every little detail while being concise. 


It is one of the most variable parts of any research paper. It also varies on the types of research and methods you have used. For quantitative analysis, it is primarily the numeric calculation and values, but for qualitative research, it contains the theory, trends, and explanation without going in-depth explanation. 

It is better to add graphs, tables, and figures for research generating results and listing the raw and general data. The appendix so readers can check your findings and calculations quickly.


It is the part of the research where you elaborate on your key points, the primary purpose. How you conducted your research, what you found, and add your interpretations. This is where you hold the discussion regarding your topic. Enlighten the readers about the different aspects of your problem. In other words, you should link your critical points in the debate to the issues you highlighted in the introduction.

Restate your thesis statement and ensure each detail and description is linked to the topic. 


This is the last part of any research on paper. This is where you go back to your main question and restate your thesis statement. Summarize the whole research as to why you did this process and its importance. What methodologies did you use, and on which basis did you draw the results you showed. It might have a short paragraph or just a few lines. Remember that it is not where you should indulge in discussions and details. Keep your lines short and comprehensive. 

In a dissertation, it is considered an essential part, and in a research on paper, it also plays an important role.

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