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What are The 7 Most Important Things You Should Do Before Travelling?

Things You Should Do Before Travelling

Things You Should Do Before Travelling

What are The 7 Most Important Things You Should Do Before Travelling?

Have you already booked direct flights to Hyderabad from USA for your next Indian trip? Or are you looking for important things to plan before taking your next trip to the Indian subcontinent? Take help from our guidebook on what are the 7 most important things you should do before traveling.

India is a gorgeous country and a must-visit location for every traveler. And its spiritual aesthetic keeps it on the top of travel bugs radars. Booking direct flights from USA to India is not the only thing you need to travel to India. As there is a lot that goes into planning a trip to India and travel across the country like a pro traveler. 

If you are a traveler traveling to India and are worried about missing out on the Things You Should Do Before Travelling, then check our checklist. Follow the checklist and ensure that you are done with the 7 most important things you should do before traveling to India. 

Let’s know what are the 7 most important things you should do before traveling:

Check your passport and visa if they are up-to-date

No matter which country you belong to, you will need a passport to enter the Indian subcontinent. So, take out your passport and check its validity date and make sure it is at least 6 months after your return date. If your passport is going to expire earlier than that, then you must apply for a new one. Also, if you don’t have a passport, then consider applying for one as soon as possible and make your travel plans accordingly. 

Passport renewal is a simple process and you just need to go to your country’s official website for a passport facility or the nearest passport facility office. And after submitting all the documents required and filling in the details, if everything goes ok, you will get your passport in 10 to 12 weeks after your application gets process. 

You can only apply for a visa if you have your passport with you already. And thus, as soon as you get your passport, get to know about the visa requirements and get it complete. 

Check the rules and regulations before traveling

Every country has a set of rules and regulations that you must comply with to travel to that destination. Like many countries requires you to show vaccination proofs of some diseases before allowing you to enter inside the country. These rules are prone to changes and are changing constantly based upon the health and foreign advisories of the Indian government.

Check out the rules and regulations you must adhere to while traveling in India for a smooth journey across the country. 

Get vaccinated with proper prescriptions

Every country has a set of vaccinations that the traveler must take before traveling to a certain destination. And it is important to present the prescriptions of these vaccinations to get a visa to or to enter inside your destination.

Get yourself cards that don’t charge you while paying

Things You Should Do Before Travelling is to get yourself a credit card. That doesn’t charge you a currency conversion fee every time you pay or receive an amount in another currency. Call your bank and get to know the details about your card and if it will charge you any fee. While making a payment in a foreign currency. And if your card charges you with any such fee, then renew it with a card. That doesn’t as otherwise you might end up breaking your bank. 

Also, don’t forget to carry over one card while traveling as it is common to run out of your credit limit while traveling. And there is nothing worse than staying in a foreign land with no money by your side.

Always keep the change

The most common thing while traveling to India is always carrying some change in your pocket. If your travel itinerary includes shopping from Indian local markets. Then you must have some change along you to be to buy something. 

Indian markets are often busy and shopkeepers have no time to give you an INR450 change for buying an INR50 thing. Things You Should Do Before Travelling, you can always download paying applications like PhonePay and GooglePay to make small transactions digitally in India. As most of the Indian vendors are now available on these platforms. You won’t have to carry the change with you. 

Pack light

If your Indian travel itinerary includes taking buses or trains, then you must pack light. Hauling your luggage into busy. Indian trains and buses is a task, and heavy luggage will make the job impossible for you. Thus, try to carry the things you need on your trip, then putting everything in your suitcase. 

Dress properly

India is a conservative country and although you can wear whatever you want in India. You cannot wear a short dress while catching unwanted attention. Things You Should Do Before Travelling pack full sleeve tops and bottom-length clothes to wear on your trip to India.

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