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What are Small Cardboard Boxes and How are They Made?

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What are Small Cardboard Boxes

What are Small Cardboard Boxes and How are They Made?

Before the 1900s, wooden crates used for packaging and for transporting goods. Wooden crates were very heavy and it was very difficult to ship goods plus the procedure was costly as well. In between 19th-century cardboard boxes were first introduced. They are budget-friendly, lightweight, the material used for making cartons make up of 100% recyclable and biodegradable material and is very cost-effective. After introducing cardboard packets, the use of wooden crates reduced in small industries.

Every other company is selling their products in cardboard packets because of its effectiveness. It easily deliver, inexpensive and can be customize as per the identification of your brand.

Small card board boxes can be easily assemble, disassembled and sealed. They use to pack small items and are also very handy. You can easily customize the exterior of these packs in your desired pattern and format of your choice.

Cardboard bundles are essentially paper card boxes. The thickness of the cardboard usually manage by adding more layers of paper. These are easily printable and also made of recyclable material. Because of its low production cost, lightweight, and robustness, the transportation cost of these packs have reduced this mean. There is a low shipping cost and the product can be deliver in huge amount.

Types of Cardboard Boxes

Choosing the right dimension for your carton is very important. Small Cardboard boxes come in different sizes i.e small, medium, large and extra-large. They can be easily manufacture to the right size as per the need of packaging your product. In this specific guide, you will learn about small cardboard boxes and where they use. There are many particular articles where only small cartons use for the items. In fact, mini boxes have high demand as if large or medium cases because these packs use in every industry and small items produce in bulk quantity than larger items.

Small cardboard bundles are very handy and they manufacture with environmentally friendly material. They can carry lightweight items and can be customize easily as per your identification. Mini cardboard packets are usually single-wall because they do not carry heavy products.

Real-Life Applications of Small Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard cartons make up of Kraft paper and corrugate material. Almost every industry is using cardboard packs to ship and deliver their goods. From the food industry to office supplies, shoes to electronics, textile to e-commerce, healthcare and relocation cardboard cartons are in high demand as they prevent the product from damaging and can transport items from one place to another. Further, you will read how industries are applying cardboard packs in real life?

Electronic Products

Electronic items are very fragile and they are at high risk of damaging. While shipping the products from warehouse to shops/homes. Every other electronic item pack in a small cardboard case to protect it from damage. From mobile phone cases to hand free wires, charges, power banks, in fact, microwave ovens, televisions, even larger items such as air conditioner and refrigerators also ship in cardboard containers.

Food Industry

Starting from biscuit packs to margarine, cereals, baby formula milk, pizza, burgers, in fact, fruits and vegetables also packed in cardboard boxes to help them preserve their freshness. Apart from freshness, it can also help to prevent the spread of bacteria amongst food items.

Cosmetic Industry

Makeup items also pack in cardboard containers as they are very fragile and can be damage easily. Mini cardboard packs carry cosmetic products. They also printed in beautiful patterns and intricate designs to attract customers.

Last Thoughts

The role of cardboard cartons in the packaging industry is very important and useful. The packaging industry produces vast amounts of cardboard cartons. In almost every size and shape to fulfil the packaging needs. Cardboard material is recyclable and biodegradable plus it reduces waste generation.

These containers do not lose durability and resistance. The product transfer to the designate place without damage. They also provide product protection, safe delivery, and shipment of the items. Specially customized cartons attract the customer. Which eventually helps in boosting the sale of your products.

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