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What Are Kraft Boxes Eco Friendly Options for Gift Packaging?

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Kraft Boxes

What Are Kraft Boxes Eco Friendly Options for Gift Packaging?

What are Kraft boxes? They’re the perfect boxes for packing everything from your groceries to your clothing. And because they’re customizable you can use them for more than just packing. Here you’ll find out what parts make up this simple box and how these boxes are better for the environment than other box solutions.


The pulp that’s used in order to make these custom Kraft boxes is made from recycled sawdust. This is essentially “raw material” that’s been use to create new materials for decades, so you know that you’re using recycled material when you buy these boxes. However, the real reason why this unique product is so great is because of its high-tech packaging machinery. This equipment has enabled packaging companies to create thousands of individual boxes all with the same color and design.

Differences Between the Kraft Boxes and Traditional Box Packaging

That’s one of the biggest differences between the Kraft boxes and traditional box packaging. Traditional box packaging is generally making from wood or cardboard and can be fairly expensive to produce. But what sets these boxes apart is that they are customizable. You can get a box design that’s completely personalize according to what you want. If you want a red box, simply add a red colored dye to the corrugate Kraft packaging, and the color is transfer permanently to the product.

Eco-friendly Product

This type of eco-friendly product doesn’t have to cost as much as you might imagine. These eco-friendly boxes are affordable because they do not make from real wood, or real cardboard, or real paper. In fact, Kraft boxes make from “an environmentally sustainable corrugate paper that derive from sugarcane fibers,” according to the packaging company. This means that the boxes are more affordable than standard box packaging because the manufacturing process doesn’t require the use of any natural resources. The boxes themselves are also biodegradable, recycle, or recyclable, meaning that they will sit in a landfill for years to come. And if you order online, what are Kraft boxes can be send to your home or office in a matter of days without having to pay a delivery charge.

Kraft Paper Boxes

As mention above, Kraft boxes is unique because they aren’t mass-produce like other types of packaging. “Kraft” is a brand of “box” that’s often use to distinguish Kraft paper boxes from any other kind. The process that makes these paper boxes call “craft printing” and it’s an environmentally friendly. Way to mass produce high quality packaging. Instead of using trees to create boxes out of thin. Cardboard and paper, what are Kraft boxes are create by injecting light metals into polymer mixtures that are then pour into a die. The resulting product cut into desire shapes and pack into the box to be ship.


As mentioned, Kraft boxes is even more eco-friendly because it’s make out of real sugarcane and not from wood pulp. What this means for the consumer is that when you purchase Kraft paper boxes, you’re helping to reduce. The use of trees which have been cut down to make those cardboard boxes. This is especially important during the Christmas holidays. Where there is a large demand for what are Kraft boxes to place in gift baskets. By purchasing eco-friendly packaging, you are reducing the amount of paper. That would go into a gift basket and sending a clear message to the holiday recipients. That you care about the environment and want them to do their part to save it.

Shipping Materials

Another reason why what are Kraft boxes are even better than regular rigid. Boxes is that they are easier to send flat. Rigid boxes can be bulky and need to be ship flat which can be an additional fee to the consumer. Even though some businesses will ship your gift packaging flat-free, the majority of them. Do-so because it saves them the cost of shipping materials. What are Kraft boxes is able to ship flat or with creases so you can ship it flat. Regardless of whether you’re using a truck or plane. This is important because if you have to ship it flat, the recipient will be happy. That you sent it using an eco-friendly method.

Gift Packaging Industry

What are Kraft boxes is an exciting new eco-friendly option for consumers in the gift packaging industry? These eco friendly boxes are not only make from renewable resources. But they also help to conserve resources by reducing waste and minimizing the need for trees. And since the main material use to create them is sugarcane. Which is a renewable resource, you are helping to save the world. While making an environmentally conscious choice at the same time. What are Kraft boxes is a brand that many consumers are now. Choosing over other traditional packaging options and it’s easy to see why.

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