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We Will Answer Some FAQ about CSCS Cards is Important?

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CSCS Cards is Important

In this blog, we will answer some FAQ about CSCS cards is Important, and help you which card is beneficial for your work ?

CSCS cards were Found in 1995 by limited company stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme as a way for contractors and tradesmen to show that they are qualified to carry out work at construction site, and although they are not a legal requirement, many potential employers wants that contractor who have these CSCS Cards.

Why CSCS cards is important ?

There is no mention in the Health and Safety guidelines which states that you need these cards to work on construction sites. CSCS cards are not legally required. Safety legislation, such as the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) regulations, do state that those employing contractors or hiring employees must ensure that the people they hire are qualified, profession and knows all precautions related to health and safety and you are making it simple for the potential employers to guarantee that you are competent, and expanding your pool of available work.

Which CSCS card you will prefer ?

There are different levels of CSCS card, depending on skill level.

Cards Validity

Red Provisional Card 6 Months
Red Apprentice Card 4.5 Years
Trainee Red Card 5 Years
Red Experience Worker Card 1 Years
Red Experience TSM Card 3 Years
Green Labourer Card 5 Years
Blue skilled Worker Card 5 Years
Gold Advanced Craft Card 5 Years
Gold Supervisor Card 5 Years
Black Manager Card 5 Years
Academically Qualified Card (AQP) 5 Years
Professionally Qualified Card 5 Years

The colour and type of card you hold depend on your skills and experience, The most common colours are red and green. These cards generally indicate a standard qualification such as an NVQ, and that the person has completed the required Health and Safety Environment test (CITB) as per criteria.

‘Green Labourer card’

The green ‘labourer’ card, is the common card can be issued to someone who is starting out on a construction-related career path like ground level job. You need pass a Health and Safety Environment test (CITB) and you will need to one day course QCF Level 1 or SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.

‘Red Apprentice card’

you could apply for a red ‘apprentice’ card, although you need these to qualify :
A letter from your apprenticeship training provider
A letter from your apprenticeship management agency : Confirmation from your management agency which states evidence that your training included a Health and Safety course.
Your apprenticeship agreement
You need to pass Health and Safety Environment test (CITB) as well.

‘Blue Skilled worker’ and ‘Gold Advanced craft’ card

Once you have completed the relevant construction-related qualification NVQ/SVQ 2 or C&G craft certificate + CITB Test(operative/specialists), you can progress to a blue ‘skilled worker’ card. Gold ‘advanced craft’ cards are reserved for those who have completed NVQ/SVQ Level 3 qualifications in a construction-related area.

CSCS cards for managers and supervisors

There are supervisor and manager specific CSCS cards for those who wants to manage and supervise construction site. But for the most part, these cards are the most common.

Without an NVQ/SVQ we can apply CSCS card ?

Absolutely yes For blue ‘skilled worker’ card, You would only need an NVQ/SVQ to progress. Which would allow you to illustrate that you have met the legal requirements. That are qualified to practice your specific trade and trade will be mention on your CSCS Cards is Important. Though NVQs remains one of the most popular routes to get a CSCS card, there are alternatives, providing other ways to demonstrate knowledge, experience, and competency.

Is possible to get a CSCS card online?

Yes, you can. At Construction Stave straight forward you can book your CSCS Card/NVQ/ QCF Level 1 or SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. Construction Stave is a professional and authorized web platform with team of dedicated people. Capability with enormous energy to solve your any problem and queries. With a focus on dependability and fast CSCS Cards Services. Feel free to Contact us at 7586078034 or to book, CSCS Card Page.

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