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Washing Area Makeover coming soon with SAINIK 710

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Washing Area

Washing Area Makeover coming soon with SAINIK 710

Renovating your washing area is seldom a nerve-wracking task. You get to choose plywood that is durable, resistant to water, and also has to have a lot of strength to be under pressure or varying temperatures. Thus, there is a call for the most efficient plywood that can work with multiple benefits. Sainik 710 is the ultimate choice you have to make for your kitchen and household space.

It is purely authentic when it comes to being Boiling water-resistant high-grade plywood. All you have to do is incorporate it in your kitchen corner and see the tangible change in your routine. Now you don’t have to clean the mess that occurs while using conventional plywood with basic utilities.

What makes up an ideal washing area?

You make every attempt to keep your laundry room or kitchen arena dry; whatsoever, it still gets drenched. Hitherto, it demands plywood that has the prowess to remain intact and not alter its surface texture while coming in contact with liquids. The CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood is here to meet all your demands. It is true, economical, viable, and produces great results, like keeping your entire workspace immaculate throughout the year. You can pour any color onto the surface, and still, it does not defer from what it has promised to deliver by being completely insusceptible to moisture.

Do you know it also has a BWP characteristic? This plywood is known to blow your mind away with its high-selling traits. It is simply the best, and the most cost-effective plywood one can lay his hands on. The plywood has been well-acknowledged by clients and industry experts alike.

Apart from taking a major stock of the market ecosystem, over the years, it has established itself as a competent plywood, winning the trust of a gamut of customers spread across several parts of the country.

Let us directly jump into its features and confront them one by one.

Unique features of BWP

The BWP plywood works incredibly better than any other plywood at this price range. It has got unusual properties that are hard to find in any usual standard plywood. Given below are some of the elite features that make it stand out from the rest of it in the domain.

The BWP-grade plywood has the following features:

●   Steady thickness with minimum gaps

This is one of its core features. It is the composition of the boiling waterproof plywood that makes it distinct from other plywood in commerce. It produced with uniform width to ensure maximum strength. Quality experiments conducted to check core gaps in the board are the minimum and that the glue used to combine layers settled completely.

●   Rebooted strength with enhanced SSR

All components manufactured with more enormous strength and vitality. This demonstrates its high load-managing capacity to hold any object without breaking the leg of your newly refurbished furniture.

●   Groundbreaking glue line protection

This revolutionary innovation protects plywood products from borers and termites, thus saving them from perpetrating minute organisms. This enhanced glue line protection also wards off any undesirable layers sticking onto the surface of the plywood. This enables protection of the topmost layer of an item of furniture against microorganisms that are naked to the visible eye.


In conclusion, the uniquely composed water-resistant plywood is ideal for surfaces that exposed to moisture and liquid matter. It has a myriad of other properties, such as being borer and termite-proof, having improved strength and shape retention, and evenly distributed thickness across various layers of the plywood.

So the choice is almost inevitable. These properties are enough to make the waterproof plywood to sold in profuse numbers in commercial markets. It can make your spaces look tidy, attractive, and with minimal dust or dirt. Well, go to the official website and claim this hard-to-resist plywood to revamp your household.

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