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Top Tourist Attractions in Haikou You Must Visit

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Tourist Attractions in Haikou

Top Tourist Attractions in Haikou You Must Visit

Haikou is located in the southeast of China on the Asian continent. This location is in Hainan province and serves as the administrative headquarters for the province. The word Haikou translates to ‘Seaport’ in English. Haikou, Tourist Attractions in Haikou first stop for travelers arriving in Hainan Province, offers a wonderful environment marked by sunshine, beaches, ocean, green hue, pure air, and tropical scenery. 

Traveling to China would provide some of the best locations to visit in Haikou to assist you in discovering the untouched beauty of this fascinating and enigmatic region. So, you know that you have chosen this place for your upcoming vacation. Get packed, book singapore airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight. So, scroll down and have a look!  

Nanshan Temple 

Nanshan Temple is located near Sanya Bay. A vast park surrounds the temple, which packed with Tang Dynasty buildings. Buddhist sculptures and pictures, and prayer rooms. This temple spread out across a large region, so wear comfortable walking shoes. The Guanyin statue is a major attraction. 

Hairui Tomb

Hairui Tomb is one of Haikou’s “Eight Sceneries” and a major national cultural protection unit. “Yue Dong Zheng Qi,” or “Yue Dong Zheng Qi,” has the name given to it (the integrity and upright). Hair, a renowned Ming official born in Qiongshan and known as “Hai Qingtian,” was a Qiongshan native (which means incorruptible official).

Mt. Wuzhi National Reserve

Mt. Wuzhi (Five Fingers Mountain) is one of Hainan Island’s emblems. Mt. Wuzhi, Hannan Island’s tallest peak, is the primary scenic attraction in this national park. Which has attracted visitors from all over the world for decades. The Wuzhi Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain in Chinese) gets its name from the form of its summits, which are wave-like sawtooth and have the shape of five fingers. 

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone 

The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. That is home to beautiful lush, green valleys, waterfalls, towering banyans, sugar palms, orchids. The Dream Valley and Rainforest Valley are the two primary valleys in this tourism zone. Dream Valley is home to several waterfalls. Admire the water cascading from the cliffs, or go for a stroll with your companions along a trail that crosses the lake and runs up to the cascading waterfall. 

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

The 0.4-square-kilometer Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, which opened in 1957, is a great place to meet new people and have new experiences. Coffee, pepper, cocoa, and dragon trees are among the 1200 plant species find there. It well-known tourist destination. That also dedicated to botany and environmental preservation in partnership with Chinese agriculture authorities.


Tourist Attractions in Haikou is the province’s capital and a port city on the north shore. Both cities are accessible by plane or train. Still don’t believe us? Plan your getaway with Airlines Map and customize your travel itself. Visit now and experience exciting moments yourselves. Happy Vacation!

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