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Top Places to Visit in Europe for Honeymoon

Europe for honeymoon

Europe for honeymoon

Top places to visit in Europe for honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the most important holidays and the very first one as a married couple. Thus, selecting a great honeymoon destination becomes extremely important. Europe is home to some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. And is visited by thousands of new married couples every year. 

A continent filled with the best love-seeking opportunities, Europe has always been a paradise for loving couples. But the richness of gorgeous locations in the country often overwhelms the travelers to make one choice. If you are also struggling with the questions like, what is the best honeymoon destination in Europe? Or list the top best honeymoon destinations in Europe? Then, you have landed at the solution as here is the list of top places to visit in Europe for a honeymoon.

Let’s know the top places to visit in Europe for a honeymoon

Capri, Italy

The Italian beauty with rugged clifftops and clear waters, Capri is a small mythological island in Italy. Equipped with friendly locals and mesmerizing sceneries, the towns of Capri are colorful and delightful places to be. Enveloped with the luscious greens, Capri also works as the gateway for the Bay of Naples. A destination that can convince you to stay longer, Capri never fails to charm its tourists.

Romantic things to do in Capri include dining at the 5-star fine dining restaurants and boating across the islands. Along with a day trip to its native regions and residing in one of its towns.

Paris, France

Equipped with unmatched beauty, Paris is a perfect honeymoon destination. With a romantic aesthetic, Paris is an ideal location for spending romantic moments. The roadside cafes, cemented streets, and the Eiffel Tower all are gorgeous additions to this already wonderful city. 

There is so much to do in Paris for you and your partner. The city parks are great for relaxing purposes while the compact cafes are perfect for an intimate coffee date. Other adventures in Paris include climbing up the Eiffel Tower and long walks on the banks of the River Seine.

Florence, Italy

One of the most colorful European destinations, Florence tucked between Tuscan hills. Florence equipe with gorgeous sceneries and picturesque beauty, making it a perfect European honeymoon location. Providing the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, Florence best known for its mouthwatering Italian dishes.

Things to do in Florence include witnessing the popular renaissance art. Along with gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and delicious Italian cooking.

London, UK

The British capital, London, a city filled with romantic adventures. A perfect surprise for your partner if they are a Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes fan, London equipped with great beauty and unique culture. The grand palaces in the city make you feel like the king and the queen. While the park-like Hyde Park contains a deep-rooted history and is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Things to do in London with your partner include riding the London’s Eye. Along with taking a walk on the banks of the River Thames, and clicking selfies with your favorite stars at Madame Tussauds. Take flights from USA to London now, to start a thrilling yet romantic adventure.

Santorini, Greece

Made up of rugged volcanic land, Santorini is a group of islands succumbing in the sea. A perfect honeymoon destination for beach bugs, Santorini has a blue and white aesthetic. Thira, the biggest island of Santorini is the most famous one among the tourists. And it is also the home of Santorini’s major towns name Oia and Fira.

Adventures to experience in Santorini include hitting the red and black color sand beaches. Along with hiking at the Ancient Akrotiri and enjoying the scenery of beautiful sapphire waters.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The land of five islands, Cinque Terre, resides in the northwestern parts of Italy. Having a gorgeous coastline, Cinque Terre equipped with the Ligurian coast. Besides the mesmerizing sea views, Cinque Terre is the home to forests and a national park as well. Enveloped with the long olive trees the national park on this island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique flora and fauna. 

Things to do in Cinque Terre include hiking along with the majestic trails/ Along with experience wilderness and bird watching at the island’s national park. Other things to do at Cinque Terre are trekking, visiting the compact villages, and eating the delicious seafood.

Mykonos, Greece

With a cubical aesthetic, Mykonos is a whitewashed European honeymoon beauty. Perfect for romantic adventures, Mykonos, Greece equipped with the gorgeous sceneries of the Mediterranean. The city is home to gorgeous churches, well-cemented streets, and the best storefronts. Along with being the hub of Greek culture and traditions. Throwing the best beach parties, Mykonos is perfect for couples that share a love for beaches or are great party addicts.

Things to do in Mykonos include visiting the Ibiza of Greece. Other adventures include relaxing at the paradise beaches and adoring the beauty of Delos temples.

Rome, Italy

A perfect honeymoon location for couples who share a love for history and ancient architecture, Rome is one of the most popular honeymoon locations in Europe. Take direct flights to Italy from US, to reminisce the promises of love and forever in Rome. The city of seven hills, Rome is the home of the popular Vatican city.

Things to do together with your partner in Rome include visiting the Julius Caesar palace. Along with solving the mystery of ghosts at Colosseum, dining at Trattoria, and getting delight with the Roman museums. 

Tuscany, Italy

If you and your partner prefer paranormal views and enchanting countrysides, then Tuscany, Italy is perfect for you. A popular honeymoon destination, Tuscany, is the land of majestic sandy beaches and exquisite wine. Made your partner feel loved by the enchanting sunrises and the gorgeous sunsets. Or make the promises of love while taking a long walk across the beaches. The mouth-watering food of Tuscany is another good reason for selecting it as your honeymoon destination.

Things to do in Tuscany include visiting the local wineries and sipping different wines. Along with dipping freshly baked bread in different dipping sauces. The little Tuscan cities like Lucca and Siena are great for one or two-day trips. 

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