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Top Four Audio Recovery Apps in 2021

by The Post Zilla
Audio Recovery Apps

Top Four Audio Recovery Apps:

Have you ever lost an audio file? It is safe to assume that you are stressed over it and are wondering that there might be a way to get your file back. This article will give you a brief overview over the best audio recovery apps available in the app stores that will help you to recover you audio files.

Whether you belong to financial industry, academia or pool of casual music listeners, you can use an audio recovery app to recover your lost audio files. 

1.      Deleted Audio Recovery

Indicated by lot of parameters, we propose that Deleted Audio Recovery deserves a top spot among other competitors.

This app provides an easy access to restore audio data without any root access, which is by far the best feature we liked about it. Apart from this, you can restore your audio files in bulk and this saves a lot of time. You can even recover whatsApp voice messages without connecting to PC.


  • It has a very user-friendly UI.
  • Recovery time is very fast.
  • Recover files across all storage platforms i.e. ROM and RAM.

2.      Audio Recovery App:

Audio recovery app deserves a second spot in our list based on our defined parameters. The app has lot of similar features that rival deleted audio recover app; however, it lacks in the processing time required to restore the audio files across all type of storages i.e. ROM and SSD.

This app like deleted audio recovery app do not require root access and is available on both android and iOS platforms.

3.      Backup and Restore All:

Backup and restore all is not typical audio recovery app but can be used as such. It can recover all type of files and therefore gives you an additional advantage; however, it may require larger processing time compared to the two apps listed above.

Apart from data recovery, it gives you the option to create periodic backups that will significantly shorten the recovery time in any kind of data loss. You also have the option to link this app to google drive where it will create backup copies of your data and this gives you the ability to restore the data even if your phone goes missing or gets stolen.

4.      Recover deleted audio call recordings:

This is not your typical audio recovery app but it would help you as a backup software to save your call recordings in case you need them later. For example, you are inquiring about a product and a customer service agent tells you an inquiring number when you do not have anything to write on, this software can come handy. You can just listen to the old recording and hear any call that you took. If you have made call recordings from any other software, this software will help you to recover as well as save them as a backup using in-app backup option. 


  • It has a very user-friendly UI.
  • It can recover audio files that deleted from non-root calls.
  • free for most of the functions but do offer some paid premium features.
  • It will recover files across all storage platforms i.e. ROM and RAM.

There are many apps available in the market that can recover your audio files from both android and iOS platforms. Most of them do not require root access. But you have to be cautious and should only install apps from recognized sources. Because some apps can steal important information from your phone. Apart from that, you also have to make sure that the app. That you are using takes less storage and is using the best compression method to store audio files. The apps that we selected for you already tested and are quite efficient and safe.

You can now sleep with Peace of mind knowing that you have the best audio recovery apps available to recover your lost audio files. I strongly recommend that you install one of them to make sure that you have them available when you need them. Additionally, you can always get in touch with us and we can propose other solutions based on your needs.

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