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Top 6 Necessary Skills of AWS Cloud Architect Skills

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AWS Cloud Architect

Top 6 Necessary Skills of AWS Cloud Architect Skills


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a prominent cloud computing service. However, enterprises from all over the globe can use this service. Despite stiff competition, AWS has captured the worldwide market because of its simplicity, scalability, security, and cost-effective solutions. As more organizations use AWS to operate various areas of their operations, the employment possibilities for cloud computing specialists have expanded over time. In this article, we have compiled the crucial skills that each cloud architect must master to become successful in this domain. Alternatively, you can enroll in the AWS Online Training, which can help you gain proficiency as a cloud architect and make you stand apart from the crowd.

Required AWS Cloud Architect Skills

To become a cloud architect, one must first have proper knowledge of cloud computing, its purpose, and its applications. You must also have the essential technical abilities, like networking and programming language expertise, and the necessary soft skills. However, you can obtain this ability through various online courses. Thus, keep a check on the following top skills for Amazon Web Services Cloud Architect:

●     Java, Python, or C#

The ability to code is the most crucial skill for AWS Cloud Architects. He must be able to code in programming languages that have an official AWS SDK, such as Java, Python, or C#. Here, AWS SDK refers to software development kits that employ AWS services to create apps and libraries. He can provide logical solutions only when the AWS cloud architect knows how to program. Moreover, a good cloud architect will show and investigate the use of cutting-edge technologies through programming.

●     Fundamentals of Data Storage

AWS has several data storage options. Consequently, a competent cloud architect must understand when to use each. However, the essential Amazon Web Services abilities must include an understanding of how and when to use databases. Also, a complete understanding of data storage principles is required since you have to evaluate and assess pricing, varied capabilities, and performance before deciding on the available solution to store data.

●     Networking

Understanding networking is yet another necessary skill for AWS cloud architects. Without knowledge of networking, creating secure cloud-based solutions will be difficult. However, you should be familiar with DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN, and VPC. Also, you should have the competency to use CloudFront (CDN), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and services such as Route 53 (DNS) to create cloud networking using public and private subnets, internet access, and VPC peering.

●     Security Foundations

In order to become a skilled AWS Cloud Architect, you should also learn about IAM (Identity and Access Management). This will help you determine which resources may be accessed by which users. However, you may acquire this competence by pursuing the AWS Cloud Security Certification-Speciality. This certification requires two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads. This Amazon Web Services cloud architect online course validates your understanding of specialized data classification and AWS data protection mechanisms, secure internet protocols, data encryption methods, and trade-off decisions about cost, security, and deployment complexity.

●     Cloud-specific patterns & technologies

Undoubtedly, it is the most crucial skill required for AWS Cloud Architect. Cloud offers are the services provided by cloud providers to applications for workload processing, communication, and data storage. Here, cloud application architectures define the structure of cloud applications, whereas cloud application management oversees their administration. However, a cloud architect must be familiar with all of these terminologies. For seamless recovery and availability, you should be able to leverage the AWS infrastructure appropriately. Thus, to design cost-effective apps, you must also understand how to use messages and handle failure. Also, to gain cloud computing and cloud management abilities, you can pursue the many AWS cloud architect certification courses that are accessible online or attend cloud training.

●     Communication of AWS Cloud Architect

Great architecture is nothing if you fail to communicate your vision to software engineers, managers, and other architects. Thus, you will need to learn how to articulate your ideas in emails, papers, and presentations so that your team understands why your approach is the best. Also, improve your presenting abilities, learn to write clearly and concisely, and utilize a diagramming tool to depict complex contexts.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the necessary skills to become an AWS Cloud Architect. These skills influence individuals to take a related course in this specific field. Therefore, in order to make a career in this domain, we suggest you enroll in the AWS Training in Delhi.

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