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Top 5 Ways to Support A Small Business on Social Media

Small Business on Social Media

Small Business on Social Media

Top 5 Ways to Support A Small Business on Social Media

To begin the month of January this month, it’s National Small Business Week! When the pandemic, a lot of people were keen to help small and local businesses. However, that enthusiasm has waned down, even as small companies are still adjusting and struggling. 

It’s a great time to meet local small-scale businesses, or to help fellow entrepreneurs. What could you do to help other small-sized companies? One option is to be active on social media platforms like Pikdo and others. 

If you’re a fellow small business owner or local customer, you can utilize social media to promote the small-scale business! Here are five methods to support small businesses.

Follow or Like the Page

The easiest method to show your appreciation for small-scale businesses is to like or follow their social media page. 

If you follow the business you’ll be able to keep track with their activities, promotions as well as their progress. If you follow a small company, you show your personal concern for the company.

Leave a Positive Comment

Bring your followers to the next level by engaging with small-sized businesses. Participate in the conversation on social media by commenting on posts that you have seen recently. 

Giving a genuine praise can boost the engagement of the business. If they are asking for your opinion or request comments, use the chance to show your appreciation for the small-scale business.


If a company posts an interesting piece of content or a likable post, you are able to repost it to boost the number of people who are engaged and also introduce friends to the small company. Reposting is easy with a variety of social media applications. 

You can also make use of apps such as Repost for Instagram. Facebook and Pikdo Instagram let you easily share a post from another account on your Instagram stories.

Take and Share a Photo

Make and post an photo of yourself using the product or service or shopping at the local store. This is a great method to show your support for the physical store online. It is possible to share your location in the message so that people can easily locate the local small business. You can also go to the business’s page on Facebook when you’re at their location. By sharing an photo of you enjoying the product or service will show what they have to offer.

Leave a Review

Small Business on Social Media often rely on reviews to build confidence with prospective customers. If you have had a good encounter with a company, you should not remain silent about it. Let your positive experience be known by posting a review on Facebook or sending an acknowledgement message via the Instagram Direct Message. Your comments help small-scale businesses and helps build trust with potential customers.

Do you intend to test any of these strategies to help small-scale businesses in your community? How can you show gratitude and support for small-scale businesses? Please share this article with your friend to spread the positive energy to help small-scale companies.

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