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Top 5 Responsibilities Of A Kitchen Steward

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Responsibilities Of A Kitchen

Top 5 Responsibilities Of A Kitchen Steward

The hotel management industry can be a profitable and rewarding field, but it also comes with plenty of challenges. It also offers the highest-paying jobs among all the renowned industries today. There are huge responsibilities and skills required for this job, so it’s important to know what their duties & responsibilities are and what you have to be prepared with. If you’re passionate about cooking and the culinary arts, it’s a great position to pursue because of all of the rewards you get to enjoy. If you may want to consider yourself interested in this career, you need to join the best hotel management course in Kolkata.

Whenever you take a sneak peek inside the commercial kitchens of hotels, restaurants, and resorts, you will find one of the most important and responsible job profiles is of kitchen steward. Because hygiene and safety are the primary concerns when you are having food. If all the safety parameters are not being followed then the reputation of the industry will start to fall down with Responsibilities Of A Kitchen.

A kitchen steward’s job is to make sure every part of the hotel dining experience runs smoothly, from the food preparation to serving customers at the table, and even clean-up. They are supervised by their restaurant’s executive chef or general manager. With numerous responsibilities to handle, the role of kitchen steward in the hotel management industry can be extremely demanding. Let’s check out the top 5 responsibilities of kitchen stewards in the hotel management industry-

1) Hygiene Maintainance

In any food-service environment, cleanliness is the ultimate key. As a kitchen steward, you have to be an expert in the cleaning and sanitizing department. You’ll also need to keep floors and tables spotless, ensure that food areas cleaned after each shift, and organize stocks of supplies. To succeed in your role as a steward, you need to ensure that your surroundings are completely sterile, which isn’t always easy when you’re dealing with large volumes of guests every day. Putting good use of your organizational skills and planning how you’re going to work efficiently will help you get tasks done quickly so that it doesn’t impact your overall productivity.

2) Stock Organization

A steward’s main responsibility is to ensure that kitchen operations run smoothly and safely. A steward must keep supplies clean and organized to minimize any chance of accidents. Ideally, a candidate for kitchen steward will be able to move quickly from one task to another and remain calm under pressure. Additionally, a good steward should be comfortable working with many different people who have varying degrees of knowledge about proper food safety procedures and laws. The job does require excellent communication skills, organizational abilities, and familiarity with various food products.

3) Catering Management

Catering is such a responsibility that directly impacts guests. If a guest has an issue with their meal, they are going to let you know. You need to adapt top-of-the-line catering skills and guest management skills altogether. By catering well, you keep both the guests and house managers happy. As a kitchen steward, it will lead to more opportunities for advancement. Cater well enough and it may even land you a promotion from the captain or sous chef.

4) Be Sustainable

More than just a buzzword, sustainability is at once a challenge and opportunity for hotels around the world. Sustainability should considered as one central pillar of every hospitality operation’s business plan. The most successful organizations are creating competitive advantages and meeting customer demand while at it. In short, they’re thinking long-term by focusing on building their brand while protecting our planet. So, if you are planning something very big for your career, you need to be more sustainable. Sustainability will lead to higher customer satisfaction that will lead to more word-of-mouth marketing.

5) Operating Kitchen Machines

As a kitchen steward, you need to learn the basic operations of kitchen equipment which require regular maintenance. Your job will be to ensure that everything is working as it should. If a machine breaks down during service, you’ll have to fix it quickly and efficiently. In some cases, you may even have to order parts and repair them yourself, ensuring they’re back in action by morning.

You need to adapt various theoretical and practical management skills to know the history behind. The hotel management industry and understand the industrial structure. The Indian Institute of Hotel Management is one of the leading hotel management colleges in Kolkata. Where you can learn all the paramount knowledge that will help you to be at the pinnacle of success.

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