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Tips to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Competitive Exams

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Improve Speed and Accuracy

Tips to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Competitive Exams

Improve Speed and Accuracy Do you want to upgrade your performance in the competitive exam? Do you want to achieve a top rank in a competitive exam? If yes, you need to work upon your speed and accuracy to perform exceptionally well in the exam. This can be done by doing vigorous practice and following the right strategy. 

Some tactics can also help you boost your speed and accuracy at solving questions. In this article, we have highlighted some miraculous speed boosting and accuracy boosting tips you can follow to enhance your performance. Apart from it, if you need personal assistance to prepare for the CET exam constructively, you can seek help from a marvelous platform that offers excellent CET coaching in Delhi

Here are some proven tips to boost your speed and accuracy for competitive exams: 


Concentration is a great way to improve your accuracy. The more you focus on the questions and the more patiently you solve, the more accurate your answers will be. Therefore, learn every concept with full concentration to get a better understanding and clarification. If something is distracting you, eliminate that element to study more attentively. Apart from it, make sure to be attentive while solving questions in the exam. 

Practice weaker sections 

Do you know what lowers your speed and accuracy at solving questions? The sections you are weak at. Therefore, analyze your weaker sections and work more to make improvements. If you strengthen your weaker areas, you are more likely to solve these portions with greater accuracy and high speed. So, devote more time to your weaker sections to make your study session productive. 

Be careful with short tricks

If you are applying short tricks to all types of questions, you might end up giving incorrect answers to certain questions. Note that short tricks aren’t applicable to all types of questions. You need to identify where these short tricks are working and where not. This will save you from giving incorrect answers which in turn can lower your scores. Moreover, if you apply short tricks to the questions where these are applicable, you will be able to solve questions quickly and appropriately. 

Solve mock tests 

The best possible way through which you can boost your speed and accuracy is through mock tests. These practice tests are assembled with an objective to make students familiar with what they need to encounter in the competitive exams. Moreover, these tests include every type of question you can solve to get your hands on each type of question. The more and more you solve questions, the more it will improve your speed and accuracy at solving questions. 

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Stay calm

Can you grasp your concepts with full efficiency if you are constantly stressing over something? Can you attempt your questions perfectly and quickly being nervous in the examination hall? Obviously not! So, promise yourself to stay calm in every situation while studying and attempting questions in the exam. A calm and composed mind will help you solve questions fastly with full accuracy. 

Don’t memorize concepts 

Memorizing concepts isn’t an ideal way to perform better in the exam. Remember that competitive exams are much harder than you think. You are not going to encounter the same statement and values you have solved while practicing. There will be different values and different statements which will make questions complicated and confusing. So, avoid memorizing concepts and start gaining in-depth knowledge of each concept to solve every question accurately in the exam. You have conceptual knowledge of each concept, it will automatically boost your speed at solving questions in the exam. 

Avoid doubtful questions for Improve Speed and Accuracy

You find yourself getting stuck on any type of question, rather than wasting time on that particular question, skip that one and move to another question. If you keep on solving the same question, it will waste ample time. Thus, you won’t be able to solve easy questions you are fully confident about. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, these are some amazing tips that can help you upgrade your speed and accuracy for competitive exams. So, follow these tips and get ready to achieve desirable scores in the upcoming competitive exam. 

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