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Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Business with Cloud Hosting

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E-commerce Business with Cloud Hosting

Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Business with Cloud Hosting

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of challenges for businesses across all industries. Some benefited from this change, like IT companies that adopted the remote culture. At the same time, some sectors like travel and retail experienced a downfall which has affected the economies on a global level. Despite the challenges, the retail industry somehow managed to survive – all thanks to the e-commerce channels. The growth was tremendous and stats were touching the sky in revenue. After witnessing the growth, most retailers switched to e-commerce from the traditional ways of selling products. The whole scenario has introduced the concept of cloud hosting to the retailers that are selling their products via e-commerce channels.

As per the Retail Dive recent stats, an approximated $1.9 billion went to e-commerce sectors during the pandemic. After witnessing this tremendous growth, some have forecasted that it will become a marketplace of $6.5 trillion in the coming years. Still, many challenges are stopping e-commerce startups to scale their business successfully. The major ones are inventory management, data analysis, user’s shopping cart analysis, and pricing. The pandemic and challenges faced by e-commerce businesses has brought ample opportunities to the Cloud hosting provider in India to help retailers struggling with complex SaaS solutions. 

Are you among those retailers who have recently shifted to e-commerce? Do you want a cloud server hosting in India that offers easy-to-use features? Are you bothered about the cloud server cost in India? If you answer these questions end in a yes, then continue reading. This blog pens down some of the tested tips to e-commerce businesses scale their businesses using cloud hosting services. But first, let’s look at the table of content to know what we’ll be discussing in today’s post.

Challenges Faced by Retailers & How Cloud Hosting Overcome Them

  • Dynamic Pricing Challenges
  • Retail Inventory Management
  • E-commerce Data Analysis

Let’s talk about these challenges in detail and how cloud hosting is emerging as a solution to these challenges. Let’s dive into the details!

1.     Dynamic Pricing Challenges

Dynamic pricing is one of many challenges that e-commerce portals experience when their traffic starts increasing. It stops them from changing their product prices when they need it the most, especially during promotions. A dynamic pricing tool helps businesses transform their product prices realistically so that customers won’t recognize the adjustments. Sometimes these changes are to be done daily, while some retailers make changes on an hourly basis. Thus, it needs to be done very smoothly, which is a big challenge for many retailers. It’s where cloud hosting comes into the picture. It provides retailers required tools that are easy to operate, and help them manage prices without much hassle. 

Cloud hosting is helping businesses of all kinds that are managing their data for the first time. But, businesses that are using dynamic pricing applications built-in open-source platforms are experiencing many challenges. On top of data management, a tool that enables aspiring founders to take actionable insights from historical pricing data at the same time that it manages data.

More clients have been able to make near-real-time pricing decisions to accelerate sales. Cloud processes over a billion data points every day, and these data points are collected from over different sources every day. Cloud hosting is helping e-retailers overcome challenges of data collection, accurate prediction, and data analytics. With a scalable cloud hosting solution, e-commerce workloads are scaling up thanks to it’s scale-out infrastructure.

Retail Inventory Management

Due to the pandemic, many retailers have moved their data to the cloud to improve their business operations. Cloud hosting is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses and retailers with large inventory. One of the many reasons is that it provides a better customer experience, as transactions can happen in real-time.

Cloud is helping businesses in various ways. One of them is the ability to take a proactive approach towards retail inventory management. Using the cloud for inventory management helps e-commerce scale their resources and maintain their inventory data, and cloud eliminates the need for large warehouses to store physical inventory. Most cloud hosting providers in India let users access ERP for better inventory management.

Most e-commerce businesses use third-party supplies. Thus, it becomes critical for them to track and manage inventories in real-time.  Managing inventory at the small business and startup levels is comparatively easy compared to large businesses. Cloud offers many features that play a crucial role to scale e-commerce businesses and manages everything in one go. 

E-commerce Data Analysis

It’s better to have an idea of the products that are not selling. The analysis helps businesses renew their sales strategies, and data analysis plays a crucial role in assisting businesses to make an informed decision about their sales. There are various ways to know which products customers often view, are they adding products to the carts, and at what point they leave your online store.

Thus, e-commerce businesses need to select E-commerce Business with Cloud Hosting service provider as per their needs. If you are searching for reliable cloud server hosting in India, then consider Go4hosting without any doubt. It lets you access data entry points so that you can serve your customers in a better way.


A key strategy to increase sales is letting your customers return to your web store. Most E-commerce Business with Cloud Hosting let customers have ‘buy it again’ options, and sometimes, they also offer recommendations based on their past purchases. All these practices help e-commerce scale up their businesses. Thus, if you too are hoping for success in your e-commerce business, consider investing in cloud hosting solutions. For more information on how the cloud can benefit your e-commerce business, consult hosting experts at 1-888-288-3570.

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