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Tips on Maintaining Invisalign Braces

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Maintaining Invisalign Braces

Tips on Maintaining Invisalign Braces

Over the past few years, dental science has improved a lot with the help of new technology. A few decades back people would wear metal braces and it does not look good on the patient. Now there are invisible braces Wimbledon for our help. It is the latest trend and people do not shy away from wearing this. The custom-fabricated invisible braces do not come in the way of how a person looks.  

If you are planning to wear an Invisalign then read this, the points will be really helpful.

Brush your teeth:

People who are Maintaining Invisalign Braces wearing Invisalign feel that they are taking care of their teeth. Maintaining an Invisalign brace is easier but still, patients forget to maintain it. One of the most important tips that the dentists of SW 19 Confidental suggests are to brush after every meal because this eliminates the food particles that can cause decay. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are really important for everyone. 

Drink a lot of water:

This can be a difficult tip for most young adults but honestly, water should be the only drink you need to have if you want the Invisalign to function in a better manner. If a patient keeps on drinking red wine, coffee, or tea he is going to make a mistake, these have the power to stain the aligners. Sugary drinks are not allowed as it has the ability to decay the teeth during the treatment. You do not have to take out the Invisalign Wimbledon while drinking normal water. Just make sure that the water is not too hot as it is made up of plastic. 

Chewy food:

Make soft chewy food particles your friend. Start consuming sugar-free chewing gum, this will help the teeth to remain clean after every meal. Chewing gums are great when it comes to keeping aligners in place. Try to avoid solid food for the first few days of the treatment. Chewing is a kind of exercise that massages the gums and promotes blood flow throughout the gums and at the same time, it helps the teeth to mould with the aligners. On top of that, chewing reduces the discomfort in the gums. You can purchase orthodontic chewing gums, they are healthy.

Wear for 20 to 22 hours daily at least:

If you want your braces to work then kindly do not take them off every now and then. Doctors suggest wearing them throughout the day, especially when one is sleeping. You can remove them for 2 to 3 hours while you are eating, brushing, or flossing but not more than that. Initially, you will feel that something is there in the mouth but after some days it will become a part of the mouth. If you make a habit of wearing braces for 20 to 22 hours then your treatment will come to an end till the tentative time period or else you need to wear it for long.

Use the aligner cases:

Though the aligners are durable, it is still important to put them back in the case once you remove them. Many patients have a habit of removing them in the restaurant and wrapping them in napkins or handkerchiefs. This will change their shape and the next time you go to wear them you will face a problem, maybe it will not fit the way it used to. 

Nail filers:

It takes three or four days for the Maintaining Invisalign Braces to sit properly on the teeth. Sometimes the problem increases if the mould is not made correctly. There can be extra plastic here and there so if you are facing something like this then fix an appointment with your dentist and he will adjust it. By chance you do not have time for an appointment then you can try a nail filler on the faulty area. You need to be really careful about this step and before starting with the work you need to sanitize the filler properly. Use a new filler, not the one which you have been using for years. Just rub on the plastic and it will be fine, this step will not take a minute. Do not let the tongue rub the sharp edges of the aligners because this can cut the tongue which is painful. 

Keep the old aligners:

Never throw away the old set of aligners once you start wearing the Maintaining Invisalign Braces new one. There can be a possibility that the new set of aligners have a fault in it. So you can use the old ones until and unless you get the present ones fixed by the dentist. Most of the dentists of Wimbledon suggest. The same thing, it is better to wear the old ones instead of wearing nothing. 

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