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Three Simple Steps to Buy and Check Your Plywood Quality

by The Post Zilla
Plywood Quality

Three Simple Steps to Buy and Check Your Plywood Quality

Are you looking to revamp your house with new furniture, but skeptical about how to pick the best plywood for it?

We often think that only the top brands manufacture high-quality plywood, and you have to spend thousands of rupees to buy them. But this fact is only partially true. The big brands spend a lot of money marketing their products, ultimately making them expensive. However you can purchase them with a high budget, but not everyone can afford them.

So to resolve this issue of getting authentic plywood at a reasonable price, we have curated this article. We have listed down three simple ways in which you can get hold of high-quality plywood. So, let’s dive into the article.

Step to identify the best quality plywood

Here are a few steps on how to check plywood quality before buying.

Determine the area of use

Before making the purchase you should determine where you will use plywood and the purpose of buying. Every room is different and offers a different environment for the plywood; thus, it is imperative to determine the space where it will be kept. For example, if you want to build a cabinet that you will use in the bathroom, then the quality and type of plywood will be different. You will need waterproof plywood for this area.

Similarly, for kitchen cupboards, waterproof plywood will serve the best. However, for the living room, bedroom, or other dry areas you can go for simple plywood. Thus make a list of the requirements for each room and then move further.

Purchase from a renowned wholesaler

Plywood prices are lesser if you purchase directly from the wholesaler rather than from retailers. Also, wholesalers offer a range of plywood from different brands and manufacturers. Thus you will have different options to choose from. The best part is you can compare the quality and durability of different plywood and then make purchases accordingly.

You will see the full plywood sheets at the wholesaler’s place, which is impossible at the retailer’s shop. Wholesalers have a lot of information about each product. Thus, they ensure to educate their customers about the same, which allows you to know about every intricate detail of your purchase. Download the CenturyPromise app for immediate assistance.

Check For ISI marks

All the premium quality plywoods are ISI-certified. So always go for plywood that is marked ISI certified. There is a CML number beneath the ISI, which helps you determine plywood manufacturers. Also, ask for a handout certificate to ensure the authenticity of the plywood. This aspect becomes significantly easier with the use of the CenturyPromise app.

Check the quality of the plywood from the Outside.

Every plywood might appear similar from the outside, but there are a lot of differences that you need to determine. Here is a list of things you can check to inspect the quality of the plywood from the Outside.

  • Determine whether the plywood has a natural wood face veneer or a recon face veneer. Plywood with natural face veneer is of high quality and gets laminated easily.
  • Determine the smoothness of the plywood; it shouldn’t have cracks, bumps, or crevices.
  • Check the thickness of the plywood from all four corners and ensure that it is equal and has no variation. This is important to get sturdy furniture.
  • Lift the plywood from one side to determine the weight. Heavy-weighted plywood quality has more density.
  • Check all the plywood sides to ensure that each core layer appears as a straight line and doesn’t have gaps or overlapping.
  • Knock the plywood in the middle to ensure it is not hollow and makes a similar sound from everywhere.
  • Determine the bending of the plywood because it might cause issues while making. The bending of the plywood is not suitable for the quality of the furniture.

Be sure to download the CenturyPromise app today to identify quality plywood from counterfeit material.


Expensive plywood only ensures premium quality sometimes. So, make sure you go through these manual tests before purchasing.

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