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These are Some Ways to Save Money Every Month

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Save Money Every Month

These are some ways to save money every month

Saving is a deferred expenditure. You save today to be able to spend more tomorrow. Scientifically, it is proven that saving each month reduces stress and helps us avoid the anxiety that a lack of a contingency plan can cause. Get to know how to save more money every month?

It is easy to save a small amount each month. Our tips and tricks to save money every single day will also be helpful.

Step 1 – Budget your mount

This is the most important step, and we reiterate, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT.

To get a monthly savings, the first thing you need to do is to calculate your monthly mandatory expense. What amount do you have to spend each month?

We know that no two months will be the same and there may be unexpected events. However, this number is an average of your monthly mandatory expenses.

If you have difficulty getting the number, take the average of your 6 most recent expenses.

Step 2 – Transfer to another account

After you have data about your monthly mandatory expenditures, you can open a checking account where you will deposit your savings each month. You can open a new account in the same bank, or in another bank.

This will force you to Save Money Every Month and not spend all of your account funds.

After you open the savings account, you transfer the amount you have calculated to your savings account. You will be able only to spend what is necessary in your savings account.

Don’t worry about it, you can always get the money back from your savings account in the event of an unforeseen event.

This transfer must be programmed so that it occurs automatically when your payroll reaches your account. If you have money that month, your savings will already have been deposited into your savings account.

Let’s take an example: If you have a monthly payroll of EUR 1,000, and you want to save EUR 150 each month, this would be how it would look.

This would allow you to save EUR 1,800 every month, even if you don’t take into consideration any bonuses or extra payments.

Calculate your budget, do your exercise and see what you can transfer to your savings account automatically. Logically speaking, the more money you can save each month, the higher your annual savings.

Step 3 – Pedal daily

This tip will allow you to save more than what you are currently saving.

Our daily commute is becoming more sedentary. The increase in vehicles, construction sites, and the climate in cities reduce mobility and increase costs when we use our cars.

We can save approximately EUR 4,000 a year by using the bicycle instead of driving. Short trips by bicycle are faster than by car in big cities so we also save time.

Remember that gasoline costs almost EUR 2,500 per year, but you also have to pay parking meters, garages, repairs, and consumption.

Step 4 – Electricity savings

Most families find their electricity bills to be one of the most frustrating parts of their lives. It is important to select your rate carefully in order to save money on electricity and other energy. You will see it in your total bill if you hire more power than you actually need.

Simply add the amount of power used by the devices you are hiring to get the figure. To find the right one, use an electricity or gas rate comparator like the one at Rastreator.com.

You can then implement classic measures like the following:

  • Switch to energy-saving lamps by changing the lighting.
  • Eliminate stand-by from all aspects of your life
  • When you are leaving a room, turn off the lights.
  • Avoid using the oven for any other purpose.
  • Cold wash clothes
  • When cooking, take advantage of the residual heat

Step 5 – You can save money by using your car instead of transport

The first question you need to consider is whether you actually need a car . With services like BlaBlaCar and Car2Go, you don’t have to own a car.

Public transport is the best choice for day-to-day travel. But if you have a long trip planned, consider renting a car. It may prove more lucrative to rent a car for short trips or use the tools offered by the collaborative economy. It is possible to save significant money on your car insurance.

To save fuel , keep your car.

  • Use high gears to drive efficiently and avoid braking or accelerating.
    • Mondays are the best day to refuel. Saturdays are the most expensive.
    • If you see a truck filling up the gas station, don’t refuel.
    • It’s better to refuel in the morning than in the afternoon.
    • Find the lowest priced gas stations. There are many apps that can help you locate the cheapest gas stations.

Do not make the mistake of thinking about buying a car.

Step 6 – Insurance can be cheaper

Insurance is a part of your daily life, regardless of whether you like it. Have you ever checked the cost of insurance? It does a lot. You can save as much as 500 euros per year by managing your insurance properly.

You must adhere to two main rules. To calculate your price, you should first use the insurance comparison sites such as Acierto.com or Seguros.es. For life insurance, you should notify your company at least one month before the change takes effect.

This guide will help you save money on insurance by highlighting the most important coverages and how to save.

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