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Tamil Movies With International Box Office

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Tamil Movies With International Box Office

Tamil Movies With International Box Office

Tamil movies known for its high-flying movies with star-studded casts and awe-inspiring plot lines. Popular Tamil movies of recent times have directed by popular filmmakers of India like Narayan Murthy, S.S. Rajamouli, G.S. Rajamouli, P.S. Vaidya, K.S. Drithra Sen and more. This year there will two more Tamil movies released titled “Nanban” starring Anushka Shetty and “Mankatha” starring Vijay and Jodha duo.

I love Tamil movies as they depict real-life scenes beautifully. The first Tamil movie that comes to my mind is “Mankatha”. I saw this movie recently and to me, it is one of the best Tamil movies. Some of the scenes are so realistic that you could almost feel what the director is telling us. The dialogues and storyline left me in complete awe. I was thinking about how a Hindi movie can be both real and funny at the same time.

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Another Tamil movie that comes to my mind is “Nanban”. This movie also took me on a journey of a lifetime. A new meaning of art, technology, and self-development shown in Nanban. The tail rocker Vijay plays an important role in the whole story. He is the boy who wants to become a superstar but shunned by everybody because of his blood relationship with an impoverished girl.

There are many other Tamil movies that you can watch on the internet. Some of them are better than the Tamil movie, which just came out. They are more appealing, real, and gritty while others are more melodramatic. It’s really hard to pick out the best movie from a list of Tamil movies that have already screened and loved by everyone.

Some Tamil movies that have released recently are “Shodh”, “Iruvarankom”, “Kathak”, “Chankaiyan” and the much-hyped “Mankatha”. These some of the best Tamil movies ever made. While they have not yet broken the box office world, these three have created a curiosity among film fans who have seen them go right here.

Star-Studded Cast of Talented Actors

One of the best Tamil movies that came out recently is “Nanban”. A star-studded cast of talented actors plays a pivotal role in this movie. Vijay, a rising star Tamil singer, becomes the love interest of a beautiful girl. The movie based on the true story of a young man who cheated of his share of the money by his owner, owing to which he decided to renounce the Hindu religion.

This movie has been receiving praise from both the directors and the producers. “Chankaiyan” which released earlier this year is yet another good Tamil movie. Another top seller is “Iruvarankom” a movie that revolves around a rich landowner whose daughter becomes mentally unstable after her husband dies.

The movie eventually ends with the happily ever after. Recently, Vikram’s “Mankatha” received warm welcomes by both viewers and critics. The story of “Iruvarankom” is the basic plot of “Chankaiyan”. These Tamil movies have created a buzz in movie theaters. One can look forward to a lot of Tamil movies release shortly.

How to Write a Documentary Script

“Iruvarankom” is yet another masterpiece that showcases the acting abilities of Srikanth. All the ingredients that one needs for a great movie script are present in this movie. Except for Srikanth, the entire cast of Tamil movies are doing their job to make the audience feel happy and satisfied. A slow-paced romance story with a strong religious background is what makes these Tamil movies a hit.

The songs in these Tamil movies also deserve special mentioning. From the epic “Dosa Paper”, to the lively “Kamal”, these Tamil songs are worth watching. “Mankatha” direct by Prem Chopra. It is based on the novel written by Subodh Gupta. It is one of the best-selling novels, which has ever turn into a movie. With the huge success of “Chankatha” in India, one can expect much more from the makers of this movie.

Director has done an amazing job

Director Priyadarshan Soman Nair has done an amazing job in the making of “Iruvarankom”. Although we cannot expect the same kind of quality in all his movies, Soman Nair sure has succeeded in creating a captivating and emotional experience for the audiences, in the form of “Iruvarankom”. The story of this movie is about two lovers, Vithala and Jaya, who come from wealthy families.

Vithala is an independent woman, who loves nature and wants a peaceful life with her boyfriend. However, her dreams of love diverted when her boyfriend refuses to give her permission to marry him. In the last bid to get her freedom, she finally decides to wed Jaya, whom she has always loved.

Apart from these two famous Tamil movies, “Chankatha” and “Iruvarankom”, one must mention other good movies, such as “Nanban”, “Oye Pene Cheek”. These movies have earned enough popularity in the foreign market.

Therefore, the demand for Tamil movies has on the rise and these movies have given a universal response in the foreign market in the form of ticket sales and box office collections. It is obvious that people, who love cinema, would like to see their favorite Tamil stars in their favorite Tamil movies almost now and then.

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