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Stable & Yard Equipment: Everything You Need

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Stable and Yard Equipment

Stable & Yard Equipment: Everything You Need

Whether you are new to running a stable or have been taking care of horses your entire life, there are always new things to learn about proper equestrian care. A responsible horse owner has many duties including feeding, grooming, keeping the horses comfortable and providing them with plenty of exercise. A quality stable is required to keep your horse clean, safe and comfortable, and the upkeep requires a lot of work. We at Ride Every Stride have compiled an essential guide of the most important steps to follow and everything you need for a well-run stable.

Stable Equipment

Cleaning your horse’s stable is among the most important responsibilities for horse owners. In order to make sure that your stable is always properly stocked, be sure to have the following items on hand:

  • Feed buckets
  • Water buckets (best to have two on hand)
  • Manure fork for mucking out
  • Hay nets
  • Rubber mats for the stable floor
  • Wheelbarrow for manure and dirty shavings
  • A rake, to not miss any droppings and shavings and for keeping the bedding even and flat

Yard Equipment

Both the stable and yard need to be cleaned well on a regular basis. Here are some extra Stable and Yard Equipment accessories that you will need to make sure that the paddocks, aisle-ways, crossties, and other areas are always clean:

  • A scooper for picking manure
  • A broom for sweeping the stable floors
  • A pair of scissors for yard jobs
  • A vacuum (optional, but much quicker than sweeping dust)
  • A big box for keeping your hat, tack, boots, etc. safe
  • A Hosepipe to wash dirty and muddy areas

Grooming and Care Equipment

Your horse should look and feel good all the time. It is best to not forget any grooming and overall care accessories. Here are some items to remember:

  • Grooming brushes, including a body brush, a curry comb, a softener brush, etc.
  • Shampoo
  • Hoofpick
  • Sponges
  • First-aid kit (including a vet wrap, bandages, wound sprays or cream, cotton wool, scissors, thermometer, a syringe, etc.)

Feed Room, Stable and Yard Equipment

The feed room should be kept clean and organized at all times, both for the well-being of the horses but also to help reduce the risk or presence of any unwanted visitors such as mice and rats.

Keep these items on hand:

  • Feed scoops, perfect for making sure that you always dish up an even quantity of food and nothing spills over
  • Feed bins. Make sure to keep your other feed items in a closed bin.
  • Scales to measure supplements, feed, or anything else.

Essential Horse Stable Accessories

  1. Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is quite useful for fields and stables, as you will require less bedding. Matting will also help reduce mud if placed in a field around the gate.

  • Haynets

You can never have enough haynets. Your horse may break haynets easily and require you replace them quite frequently.

  • Lockable Tack Storage

Lockable tack storage works great for livery yards. You can buy a sturdy container for storage or build one on your own.

  • Feed Bins

Feed bins are a great tool if your horse gives you a hard time while feeding. The bins will also help to keep mice and rats at bay.

  • Towels

Towels will help to dry off your horse after a stroll in the pouring rain or after a bath in cold weather.

Choosing the right equipment for your horse’s stable is so important. Your horse should have access to fresh, clean water at all times via water troughs and easy access to food. At Ride Every Stride, you will find all the necessary horse stall accessories that will cater to all your stable requirements. We also offer custom stable accessories for your horse. Browse through our website today to keep your horse in the best shape.

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