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Smart Techniques to Acquire More Google Reviews

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Smart Techniques to Acquire More Google Reviews

There are various aspects involved in making a business successful. And one of the major aspects of the success of any business is reviews. Customer reviews not only help consumers make their purchase decision but also help businesses to know the reception of their product/service and their brand’s reputation in the marketplace. Google review stands as the most prominent review platform, as according to BrightLocal, 81% of consumers use Google reviews to evaluate local businesses.

Considering the importance of reviews, many businesses are now actively opting to embed Google reviews on website. Businesses not only flaunt their positive reviews to their website visitors but also add an element of engagement to their sites. 

And as there will be more reviews for a business, the better it is. But often, many brands fail to collect reviews from their customers. So, if you are in trouble, this blog is just for you. Here we have mentioned some of the smart ways to collect reviews from your customers. 

Simple Ways to Achieve Google Reviews with Ease

We all know that generating reviews from customers is a tedious task, but it can be made simpler by opting for some smart techniques. And once you have gathered reviews you can even showcase them on your website with the help of widget for Google reviews. So, here are some of the handpicked techniques mentioned below.

1. Respond to reviews

Who doesn’t like responses, right? Like your brand likes to have responses from customers. similarly, your customers love when you respond to the reviews. Your response shows that you care about your consumers and value them. It also brings your brand in that light as a brand that acknowledges the customers’ reviews.

You have online review platforms that stand as common ground. Where you have specific discussions about the product and reviews with your customers. And as social media has emerged as a more effective and efficient way to communicate and reach, many consumers often use them to express their experiences with a brand. They can either comment on your posts or might direct message you related to your product. Your small gesture of reverting them can help you to fetch more reviews.

And while responding to the reviews, make sure that you provide the necessary response. That means, if there is negative feedback, make sure you know the reason. For their disappointment and ensure that your brand would take care of it. You can provide discounts on the next purchase or even. If you are in the service industry, make sure that you provide premium service next time. 

2. Announce giveaway 

You can run contests on your social media and review platforms, where you can provide some prizes. Announce a giveaway for the customers for the reviews. For example, you can have a scheme where when a consumer posts an online review you can offer a discount for their forthcoming purchases.

You can even have a questionnaire where you can ask them about their feedback or even ask for the room for improvement that your brand needs. Consumers won’t mind spending some on filling out questionnaires if they expect some prizes. Also, make sure that the prizes you promise are exciting and worth participating in.

3. Embed Google reviews on website

Consumers feel nice when a brand responds to their feedback, and they feel valued when brands showcase them on their respective websites. There are various tools like social media aggregators that help you to embed reviews on website.

Adding reviews on the website not only make present consumers respected but also can inspire other consumers to post the reviews and enjoy their limelight on the brands’ respective websites. It builds a review cycle, helping you in getting more reviews for your business.

Many tools such as social media aggregators provide you with a widget for Google reviews that works like a functional block helping you in showcasing reviews without any trouble. These tools not only provide the widget but also provide an easy solution that you can use to embed Google reviews on website.

This strategy not only helps in building a review cycle but also helps in generating credibility for your business. Moreover, your consumers don’t need to visit different sites or surf platforms to read reviews related to your business. 

4. Look to resolve the complaints received

While it is important to acknowledge the complaint, it is equally important o work on it, and resolves it. As we mentioned above, to deal with negative complaints/ reviews, you can know the problem your customers are facing and ensure some solutions.

For example, if you are running a business and your consumers complain about your eatery’s food or any service. Make sure that on their next visit you fulfill all their needs, provide them with premium service and if possible offer a discount. These measures show how much you care about your customers and can go to a stretch to rectify the mistake.

This can motivate your customer to change their views about your brand, and there are chances. They might write more about your brand. And while you are at it, make sure you also acknowledge and work on positive feedback. As simple as thanking for the reviews can do good for the reputation of the brand.

The Ending Note

Having reviews for your brand can work wonders for your business; it will not only help your consumers to make their purchase decision but also helps your brand in developing reliability. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Try these measures now and accumulate as many reviews for your brand as possible. And if you want to flaunt them, don’t forget to embed Google reviews on website.

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