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Slack Software Pricing vs Mosaic Pricing: In-Depth Analysis of Industry Favorite PMs 

Slack Software

Slack Software

Slack Software Pricing vs Mosaic Pricing: In-Depth Analysis of Industry Favorite PMs 

There are several project management software alternatives available to users. Slack and Mosaic are two programs with reporting and time-tracking features that are appreciated by businesses. This Slack pricing vs Mosaic pricing comparison blog will discuss the features, pricing options, and demos of each. Keep reading to find out how you can access their demos too.  

Slack Software is your centralized workspace, connecting you to the people and things you use daily, no matter where you are or what you do. Slack provides real-time communications via calls and chat. It has a searchable record of all your files, chats, and connections with an ever-expanding list of useful bots and apps. Everyone is on the same page and can get their work done. Slack is where work gets done. 

Mosaic is artificial intelligence-powered project management software. The web-based platform is chock-full of features that increase productivity and profitability. It enables linking and synchronizing with third-party project and financial management apps. Among these applications are Jira, Zapier, Slack, Deltek, and more. The program gathers information from users and keeps track of the project’s development. Managers can also track progress and keep track of team members.  

Slack Software 

Key Features  

Digital HQ 

Integrating people and tools help the digital HQ break down communication silos across teams. The team may operate from wherever, and members can stay linked even when traveling. This feature also offers communication across time zones, physical areas, and teams. It ensures that everyone is focused on accomplishing corporate goals from wherever they are. 

With the digital HQ, you can also guarantee that all members get the most up-to-date information. You may duplicate the information using audio and screen-sharing tools for a brief summary of all the facts. 


Each squad has its own set of channels. They reflect a series of dialogues centered on a specific theme. Channels can be topical, project-based, location-based, integration-based, or exclusive to a specific team. 

Slack creates #general and #random channels that several teams may utilize. Channels such as #management, #sales, #marketing, and #accounting are valuable for company-wide project progress. 

Slack Software Pricing

Here are the plans does Slack Pricing offers to its customers

Slack Demo  

You can schedule a live demo if you want to see the Slack project management software in action. Contact the Slack customer representatives to set up a demo at a time that suits you.  

Slack Reviews 

Slack is rated 4.5/5 on G2. Users love that teams can get start within minutes. It enhances real-time collaboration between contractors, vendors, and companies. Users struggle with this because Slack deletes history after a specific time.  

Mosaic Software 

Key Features 

AI Empowered 

Use AI to see each employee’s specific capabilities and deadlines and obtain task-based staffing recommendations. View AI recruiting suggestions from a list of potential prospects. 

Project Forecasts 

Profit and productivity consequences may predicted using unique AI forecasting. Predict billing, workload, and income using prior project results and other data points acquired. 

GIS (Graphic Information System) and Mapping  

Geospatial data may be display, analyzed, correlated, and communicated via maps. High-resolution and data-rich maps with fast refresh rates may now presented directly on web pages thanks to new technology. These displays make geographic data analysis, correlation, and communication more accessible. 

Eyes On It 

Mosaic has created a remote video surveillance technology that can deliver situational intelligence. It can also monitor your physical activities. “EyesOnIt” alerts your business systems to identify items and events by using bespoke computer vision models. “EyesOnIt” is ideally suite to provide real-time event alerts to users. Software’s data scientists or your analytics specialists may deploy specialized computer vision models. They will help identify and notify you of important events as they occur. 

Mosaic Pricing  

Mosaic software prices depend on the size of your company. The cost of its unique product called “EyesOnIt” is $150 per month, with additional setup fees.  

Mosaic Demo 

If you want to take a look at the software before getting start, you can schedule a Mosaic demo. The Mosaic demo can set up by contacting their sales team.  

Mosaic Reviews 

According to the Mosaic reviews, users seem to appreciate its dashboard capability. Users can also switch from one view to another without stopping the entire project. Although, some of the users have expressed dissatisfaction about the disappearance of finished tasks.  

Final Remarks 

Mosaic has a plethora of administration tools. It can generate reports that may put into ongoing projects. It also contains precise sheets for capturing time and resource information. 

Slack differs from other project management systems because it not intended to be a standalone product. You get a single hub when you integrate your project management software with tools like Hubstaff, Asana, or Trello. 

Watching the demos of Mosaic and Slack will help you decide which software you should invest in. 

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