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Quick And Easy Instructions For Eero Wireless Router Configuration

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Eero Wireless Router

Quick And Easy Instructions For Eero Wireless Router Configuration

The Eero wireless router is a device that eliminates the dead zones and buffering and provides 890MBps speed. Video streaming and games can played without any buffering because of its Truemesh technology which reduces drop-off by routing the traffic. However, actual performance and range can vary and can depend upon various factors. It comes with a WiFi 6 mesh system that provides connectivity to almost every nearby place and it is compatible with almost all types of devices. Eero products can easily added according to needs with cross-compatible hardware which expands the system.

Eero Wireless Router Setup Tips

The Eero wireless router with a WiFi 6 mesh system enhances the user setup experience. The Eero setup quick and easy and can accomplished using an app.

Firstly, download the app on android or IOS devices from the Google Play Store or Apple Store respectively. Install Eero 6 app and Launch it. Create an account by just entering the email address and phone number. A verification code will sent to mentioned email address. Enter the verification code to signup. There is also an alternative option to send the verification to the phone number. The app will guide you to set the gateway.

Now unplug the modem if another device connected to the modem. Use the ethernet cable to connect the eero with the modem. Now plug the eero into the power adapter and then plug the modem into the adapter.

Choose the Network name and password and add the eero network to the device. Now connect all the devices to the eero network by entering the password. Now we are going to explain some features of the Eero wireless router.

Features Of Eero Wireless Router

Signal and Coverage

WiFi 6 mesh technology provides a speed of almost 890MBps and network coverage up to 1500 square feet.


It eliminates dead zones and buffering by Truemesh technology which helps to stream video and games.


The small, stylish and portable design makes this device to brought from one place to another without any hassle. Because of its small size, it can fit a place anywhere. It can be very useful for small offices.

Easy Setup

Eero setup and installation can easily done just by using the mobile device. We have mentioned above that how you can set up and install Eero 6 wireless router.


It supports almost 80+ devices and its app can easily accessed using android or IOS devices.


Eero routers are very reliable and provide 24*7 customer support and come with WPA2/WPA3 security.

Some Cons Of Eero Wireless Router

Need Subscription

Eero app needs a subscription to access parental control and protection against viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks. It means users have to pay an extra charge for that.


Its speed is a little faster than the wifi 5 mesh system technology and is very expensive as compared to other wifi routers and have to pay an extra charge for subscription.

Lack of USB port

It comes with only two ethernet port, it means multiple system devices cannot connected using ethernet cables.


The device is easy to set up and can streamed continuously without any lag which gives a very smooth user experience. It can fit and place anywhere even in a small place. All looks good in this router except the price. Price is a little expensive for me and I feel buyers have to think twice before they buy.

Zigbee’s radio-like feature will help to communicate with Alexa and can definitely attract buyers. Subscription for parental control and protection against malware is valid only for the first 30 days. They should provide a subscription for at least 1 year free of cost. User interface and 24*7 customer support make it reliable. I have been using it for the last 10 months and everything is going well with his router. I must recommend the buyers to purchase it.

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