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PHP vs Python: Differences & Similarities for Web Development

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PHP vs Python

PHP vs Python: Differences & Similarities for Web Development

Selecting the correct programming language is essential for developing your website. PHP vs Python platforms are gaining popularity these days, and various businesses are adopting them. Hence, it isn’t easy to select the best one out of them that meets your project needs.

Python is object-oriented, whereas PHP is a server-side scripting language. Both of these platforms are ideal for website development based on the project’s needs and requirements. You can seek assistance from Python or PHP development company for your web development project.

In this blog, we will discuss what these platforms are, their similarities, differences, features, and whom to choose for your web development project.

What is PHP?

The PHP scripting language is used to develop dynamic websites on the server side. Popularly, it is used for generating XML documents, graphics, Flash animations, PDF files, and much more. It can be integrated with all the primary OS and main web servers.

Although it is not the most liked platform among developers, its market share remains high. PHP holds 45.43 percent of the market share, according to Statista. Hence, you have immense options to hire PHP developers in India and other countries that meet your project needs.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented high-level interpreted programming language used for developing standalone programs and scripting algorithms for various domains. It is an open-source, portable, and powerful language.

It has a mature ecosystem of frameworks, IDEs, linters, and tools that are constantly improved and contributed to by the community. Django, Pyramid, Falcon, Flask, and Bottle are the most popular.

To get a high-performing, scalable solution, take advantage of a broad community of Python development companies to build your website.

PHP vs Python

PHP vs Python: Similarities and Differences

By now, you must be familiar with PHP and Python as platforms. Let’s compare the similarities and differences these platforms offer to help you understand which one is better and why.


Despite their differences, PHP and Python are both dynamically typed, object-oriented languages compatible with multiple operating systems. Still, in terms of ease of use, these languages are different.

PHP initially created to build dynamic websites and web applications, unlike Python, a general-purpose language. Therefore, PHP development services can complicated due to their rigid syntax.

Python is easily understandable due to its high readability. Also, its code can easily read and interpreted, which makes the debugging process simple.


Website speed is an essential factor in performance-critical applications. For example, in a core banking system that gets a million hits daily, a delay of 3 times might significantly impact the overall system performance.

Python includes a great set of third-party packages, libraries, and modules to finish a project faster. For instance, one of the most popular frameworks written in Python is Django.

PHP also offers a set of incorporating frameworks, tools, and libraries. A PHP framework like Laravel, for instance, has many valuable features for a web development company, including templating, routing, authentication, and many others.


The importance of security cannot overstated for website development. Python is the first priority of cybersecurity professionals for backend development. Django, for example, comes with an in-built security feature to protect your site from different types of security threats.

As per WikiLeaks, government agencies also rely on Python development services as their secret hacking tool. Although PHP’s robust community is addressing security issues, when compared to Python’s security, it is lesser.


Scalability is essential for handling business growth for all kinds of networks, applications, systems, or processes. Whether it’s a startup or enterprise, businesses need to make sure they adapt to changing markets and customer needs.

Both PHP vs. Python development services offer scalable options and are suitable for web development as they provide great frameworks and libraries. PHP offers multiple robust frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. On the other hand, Python offers frameworks like Flask and Django. Therefore, both of these platforms offer fast, secure, and scalable frameworks.

PHP can handle the increased traffic due to its scripting language, making it extendable. However, Python will work best for you if you want modern technologies such as AI and ML.

Community Support

Comparing both platforms, PHP vs. Python, both of these have excellent community support.

Since 1995, PHP has been in the market, whereas Python released even earlier, in 1991. Both platforms have a broad community of developers that are continuously developing web applications, and hence the community support is outstanding.

Therefore, given the popularity of languages, developers can rest assured that they can get help or valuable advice.


Both the platforms, PHP vs. Python, offer the debugger. PDB is Python’s in-built debugger that uses many debugging strategies. PDB offers dynamic typing and allows developers to work effortlessly without initially announcing things.

On the other hand, the PHP development company provides XDebug for bugs and checks errors in the developer’s code. Both PDB and XDebug provide the most commonly used debugging features such as breakpoints, path mapping, stacks, etc.

Which One To Choose – Python or PHP?

Python built as a general-purpose language, whereas PHP developed as a web language. However, both are suitable for website development.

The best one depends on the project’s needs and requirements. PHP is an excellent choice for a small to medium-size business that requires lesser features and functionalities.

Also, if a business wants simple features to speed up the development process, it should use PHP development services for ready-made tools. It is also an excellent option for eCommerce websites and content management, as PHP offers unparalleled third-party integration.

Python widely used in AI, data science, and the scientific community, which is one of its advantages. There are many libraries (i.e., Pandas, Theano, etc.) that run in a web environment with Machine Learning technology. Python is also a great option if a company intends to use technologies like Big Data.

However, choosing any particular language needs a deep knowledge of all the usage variations. It may be difficult for companies to take the right decision without a technical background. Hence, they can partner with Python and PHP development companies to make the right choice.

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