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Online Quran Classes USA for new Online Quran Schools

by The Post Zilla
Online Quran Classes USA

Online Quran Classes USA for new Online Quran Schools

Our online Quran classes have been running for nearly 5 years. Thousands of online quran academy later, we have taught hundreds of students. We have gained new knowledge in the areas of discipline, parent/child psychology, and the overall process of teaching online Quran. Online Quran classes present new challenges for parents, students, and teachers. This will help new students and new online quran academy institutes.

Quick Online Quran Classes USA

Online Quran classes start quickly. All you need is a website, an enrollment form, and a trial date. Because Quran teachers are scarce in non-Muslim countries or live far away, finding one online is the best option. In non-Muslim countries, there is a large Muslim community. Having said that, maintain quality or students will leave. The key is to offer a trial class because no one wants to pay upfront and then get a refund.

Replenishing your website’s

Because most online Quran students will find you through search engines, keep your website updated. This can be new webpages or blogs. You must blog once a month on any topic you choose. Getting students will be difficult at first because there are hundreds of online Quran institutes already available. Over time, your website should be in the top 10 if you keep updating your content. Don’t copy and paste content from other websites, it’s useless and wastes time. Patience is a must.

Be patient in acquiring the idea.

This makes online quran academy a little difficult to adjust. While a teacher’s physical presence can be recorded, students benefit from knowing whether the teacher is pleased or not. Also, the camera may not capture the true emotions, and adding technology complicates matters. Having said that, it takes time for students to adjust and understand the dynamics. You as an institute must inform parents of these issues either directly or via your website.

Parents Involved

With online Quran academy classes, parents feel as if they are not doing anything. As an online Quran institute, you must interact with parents and provide feedback. If not, parents are surprised when their children are weak and thus far behind their expectations. After a month, have a quick chat with the parents and explain the child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as what parents can do to help.

Is there a mix of native and non-native?

Native and non-native Arabic teachers are required. Non-native Arabic speakers are fine for South Asian kids. Native Arabic speakers are better for children whose parents are Arabic. To keep such students, you need native Arabic speakers. Remember that Native Arabic speaking teachers are not free. You can charge Native speakers differently.

Choosing the right teachers

Teachers are crucial. Examine their tajweed and English communication skills, as most students only speak or understand English. If your teachers’ English is poor, train them. Another aspect is teaching. Prepare course materials so the teacher knows what to say during online Quran classes. If a teacher is unavailable, another teacher can teach in their place.

Boost Students

Online teaching can be monotonous. Keep the kid engaged by verbally encouraging them as they progress. Boredom and lack of guidance will result in the student losing focus if only listened to.

Online Quran classes with flexible times

Students will come from all over the world, so teachers will need to cover multiple time zones. If you don’t provide 24 hour service, you’ll lose students.

Keep costs low.

No need to drive kids to a nearby community center saves time and money. Online Quran Classes USA solve this issue for much less money. But you can’t charge a fortune compared to what parents normally pay. Any market research can always adjust your fee. You can’t be both low and high.


Initially, balancing fee and service may be difficult. Just google the top 10 institutes and compare prices. You can’t be too high or too low to pay your teachers.

Discounts on online Quran lessons

Don’t set a price. There will be students from all over the world with varying payment capacities. Differentiate between developing, developed, and underdeveloped countries. Never turn away students who can’t pay. Also, free education. Your Sadqa-e-Jariyah. If parents want more discounts, give them more. You are not only running a business, but also serving humanity. Offer special discounts during Ramadan and other holidays.

Guaranteed Refund

Giving parents a money back guarantee makes them happy. This encourages them to try your online Quran School. With good teachers, parents rarely ask for a refund.

Organize course content

Your course should include Quran Lessons Online as well as memorizing hadith, surahs, and duas. This makes learning more enjoyable. Apply an 80-20 rule, focusing on tajweed and Quran rather than other teaching materials. Parents should be able to review course content online.

Good teaching conditions for Online Quran classes

Ensure teachers are not distracted by noise. If the teacher is teaching from home, check this. Parents will quickly complain if their child is not in a classroom setting. With teacher end noise, your student will leave quickly.

Online Quran Classes USA with quality

Quality is critical in any service offering. Many aspects of online Quran setup must be of high quality, including:

  • Prompt email/Skype responses
  • Teachers’ working conditions
  • Web content;
  • Lesson plan
  • Best price


To summaries, running a successful online Quran class requires:

  • Good teachers
  • Website visibility
  • Pricing
  • Course content

With this, you can run an online Quran academy for years.

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