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Naruto Manga Storyline – Naruto And Sakura’s Conversations

Naruto Manga Storyline

Naruto Manga Storyline

Naruto Manga Storyline – Naruto And Sakura’s Conversations

When the Naruto manga story was first introduced, Naruto and Sakura talked about how no one talked to them, and Sakura was upset about that.

Naruto gave Sakura an apology in person, but Sakura never returned it, giving Naruto a chance to apologize to her properly.

Later Naruto and Naruto’s younger sister Sakura got into an argument about Naruto’s delinquent status and eventually ended up being alone, and Naruto told her that he regretted his earlier behavior.

When Sakura replied by saying she would prefer to be like a whole different person, Naruto gave up on the conversation and decided not to talk to her anymore.

Also, while trying to make things up to his sister, Naruto knocked on the door to Naruto Manga Storyline, only to have his sister get mad at him for doing that, and eventually demanded that he knock on the door properly.

Naruto knocked on the door, and when the door was answered, Sakura was infuriated by his knock and stormed out.

Four years later Naruto and Sakura got into another quarrel, and eventually, Sakura left and went to a school in Suttō.

While there she got mad at her teacher when he asked her if she knew anything about Naruto’s whereabouts, and took off in a panic, leaving behind a note for Naruto, telling him to meet her there.

Risky Plan to Meet Up With Naruto Manga Storyline

Naruto Manga Storyline was seen staring at the note after getting home and made an uncharacteristically risky plan to meet up with Sakura.

When Sakura was upset at Naruto for not getting up, Naruto argued that he was trying to help her forget her problems with her sister.

Later on, when Naruto visited Sakura’s school, she was embarrassed to see him there. The good news for Naruto Lovers is the mangago website is down don’t worry there are other free manga websites for free.

Naruto apologized for missing her the first time and revealed that she had left a note in her room about going to see him.

They talked and argued for some time, but eventually settled things with each other when Sakura confessed she felt bad that they didn’t talk to each other, and offered to talk to Naruto about their problems.

The two of them were then show talking together come to an understanding about everything they were fighting about, and they made up for their lost time after agreeing to never let their disagreements get in the way of their friendship.

Naruto’s dialogue when he arrives at the library: (Unfinished)


Did I read your letter? I’ll come and meet you later then.

Yes…I’m coming now!

Translation: Naruto heard you. I’m coming. Let’s not be right here. Let’s meet up later.

Bye-bye. (sic)

Naruto’s dialogue when Sakura was walking away from him in the library:

Sakura: Why are you staring at me?

Naruto: I’m not looking at you.

Sakura: Did you think that I was looking at you?

Naruto: No, I didn’t.

Sakura: Why did you take so long to get here?

Naruto: I was busy.

Sakura: Oh, well.

Naruto’s dialogue when he meets up with Sakura later in the story:

Naruto: Hi.

Sakura: Hi.

Naruto: I’m sorry I made you wait.

Sakura: You weren’t that bad.

Naruto: I’m sure you would feel that way after all the time we’ve been apart.

Sakura: I don’t like you leaving me like that.

Naruto: You were mad, but I should have been more careful…I’m sorry.

Sakura: Yes, I’m very mad at you now.

Naruto: Yeah. You can yell at me if you want.

Sakura: Just get away from me so I don’t have to do that anymore.

Naruto: Don’t worry about my feelings. You’re mad at me.

Sakura: What? I’m not mad at you.

Naruto: Yes you are. I’ll be leaving after I apologize for yelling at you.

Sakura: Why are you apologizing to me now?

Naruto: So you don’t think of me as a bad friend?

Sakura: It doesn’t matter if I think of you as a bad friend, but we can make things up to each other in the end.

Naruto: Yeah, right.

Sakura’s dialogue when they had talked and agreed they would talk:

Sakura: What about your dad?

Naruto: My dad’s fine.

Sakura: Oh, well, I guess it’s better than my sister.

Naruto: We can talk about her some other time.

Sakura: Yeah. We won’t.

Naruto: OK.

Sakura’s dialogue while walking away from him:

Sakura: Bye.

Naruto: Bye.

Sakura: I’ve never liked you.

Naruto: What?

Sakura: I never liked you in the first place.

Naruto: I don’t understand why you didn’t get up to talk to me.

Sakura: It’s nothing. It doesn’t matter.

Naruto: Yeah. It doesn’t matter.

Sakura: It’s just our blood bonds…a sort of bond between people.

Naruto: What are you talking about?

Sakura: You were probably trying to help me forget about my problems with my sister.

Naruto: Oh…I wasn’t trying to help you. I just wanted to be with you.

Sakura: What? Did you want to be with me?

Naruto: Yeah…I did.

Sakura: Why are you apologizing now? You still wanted to be with me?

Naruto: I like spending time with you and I’m sorry I have to leave you at the library.

Sakura: What? Why would you apologize for that?

Naruto: Well, I know you’re mad at me now, I just didn’t want you to be upset when I went off to apologize.

Sakura: What do you want from me?

Naruto: I’m sorry for yelling at you, but I’m not trying to hurt you, and I’m not going to stop being your friend.

Friendship Between Sakura and Naruta

Sakura: Just don’t treat me like I’m a kid anymore.

Naruto: I’ll try to treat you like an adult.

Sakura: It doesn’t matter to me if we’re friends or not.

Naruto: Hey, it’s not all up to me.

Sakura: Oh? Is it all up to you?

Naruto: Yeah.

Sakura’s dialogue when she was walking away from him in the library:

Sakura: I hate you.

Naruto: Hey, don’t say that. You just want to get mad at me and take revenge.

Sakura: I hate you more.

Naruto: You know, I still feel bad for yelling at you.

Sakura: You shouldn’t feel bad for yelling at me.

Naruto: I should?

Sakura: Yes, if you yell at people in the middle of a crowded classroom, they’ll think you’re a freak or something.

Naruto: Hey, I never thought of it like that before.

Sakura: Yeah. I’m sure you would have if you were a ninja.

Naruto: You’re right.

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