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Moving in a Hurry? 11 Moving Tips for a Last-Minute Move

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Moving in a Hurry

Moving in a Hurry? 11 Moving Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Significant life changes mean that you need to move to the new location at the earliest. But moving all that you own in a short time to the new place can be somewhat frightening and overwhelming at the same time.

One type of move is to spare enough time to pack everything from your current home to the new place by searching for last-minute movers near you or cheap last-minute movers on your phone. Then there is another type of move in which you end up delaying the move until the eleventh hour, and the packers are knocking on your door. So keep reading for the best ways you can employ to prepare yourself for a last-minute move.

Last-minute moving can be chaotic. Here are some ways to keep calm and pack for a move:

1) Make a packing and moving checklist

Creating a packing and moving checklist helps you prioritize the essential things you need at the new place. The list is also helpful when you do not have enough time at hand to pack up everything. Having a list makes sure that you can complete all the necessary tasks in a timed manner. Create three separate lists for three different purposes:

-To Pack

-To dispose of into the trash

Stick to the list and make sure to double-check each task and item so that no mistakes happen.

2) Hire moving help that fits your needs

Before preparing to move, research for the Moving in a Hurry in your area, compare the prices and services each of them provides. Now you need to get in touch with those who will suit your requirements the best. The availability of movers also depends on the timing of your move. Therefore, prioritize your search for either a same-day moving company or next-day movers with the moving option for last-minute moving.

It would be a good idea to find cheap last-minute movers or a last-minute moving company who can help you get all your possessions ready for moving quickly. Consequently, it will be better to talk to all the moving companies in your vicinity and plan your move accordingly.

3)  Ask friends for help with smaller possessions

During last-minute Moving in a Hurry, it can be pretty overwhelming to take care of each task all alone. Having family or friends come over to help you while preparing for last-minute moving help makes the experience less stressful. This is because you can break one big piece into smaller tasks and get it done within a smaller time frame.

4)  Set up your new place with necessary utilities

The most important things are necessities like water, electricity, and gas connections at a new place. Before moving in, always contact the officials at the new location for water, electricity, and gas connections. Once these essentials are set up, you can re-establish your existing internet connection at the new site. Also, remember to get the connections for water, electricity, gas, and internet shut at your current residence.

5)  Consider pre-packaged packing supplies

Under short notice, you might not be well-equipped to arrange for boxes and packing materials to pack your possessions safely. If that seems complicated, you can purchase pre-packaged packing supplies that help save the time and effort needed to pack all your precious valuables. In addition, as the pre-packaged packing supplies come with boxes of all sizes and packing materials, it becomes easier for you to pack each item without much effort.

6)  Get rid of things you no longer want or need

When living in one place for a long time, you tend to collect many unnecessary items that have no purpose. Moving in a Hurry to a new home is an excellent push for you to get rid of those unnecessary items and pare down to the very needful ones. As for the possessions or things that you do not need, you can sell, donate or place them in the nearest trash collection center.

7) Focus on getting it all packed

Now that you have zeroed down all the necessary things to pack and solved the problem related to all the unnecessary items. It’s time to pack all the things and the essentials you would need at the new residence. Label each box according to the room you have packed. Make sure to wrap all breakable possessions like plates, memorabilia, and related items to ensure they are not damaged, broken, or chipped.

8)  Separate your essentials

Many times, in the rush of packing for the move to the new residence, you might end up putting away something in the boxes that you will need during the first day at the new home. Essentials like chargers, scissors, clothes, and any other essential things you will need. A good idea is to pack a bag with the most necessary items so that you can have a less stressful time while settling down at the new home.

9) Let moving company workers handle some parts of the packing process

At times, you will need to move some of your furniture to the new place. Instead of injuring yourself trying to disassemble heavy furniture like wardrobes or beds, it is better to allow the movers to disassemble and pack them safely so that they arrive at the new location without any damages. The benefit of hiring last-minute professional help is that with some extra help, you can get ahead with packing and reach the new place earlier than scheduled.

10) Clean the home you have lived in

After packing up all your possessions and tackling. The unnecessary items properly, cleaning the house you have stayed in for a long time can feel exhausting. However, it is vital to clean each room properly to make. It look welcoming and presentable for the next person coming in. Also, it is better to remove all the remaining packaging materials and debris from the packing materials.

11) Check and clean the new home

Before stepping into your new home, make sure that you have cleaned each room thoroughly. Also, ensure that all powerpoints and safety features, especially fire alarms, are working correctly. Cleaning the home before staying helps reduce your workload for the first day at your new home. Once all the above is taken care of, move into the house, unpack and set up each room.

In Conclusion:

All the tips mentioned above are some constructive ways to have a stress-free method of packing up from. The old house and Moving in a Hurry into the new home. Doing a last-minute pack and move while still trying to have enough time for a bit of break can be somewhat exhausting. But, now that you have read these tips, it’s time to pack and move quickly.

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