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Most Common Mistakes an Author Makes While Curate Content

by The Post Zilla
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Most Common Mistakes an Author Makes While Curate Content

Regardless of whatever you are writing, be it fiction or non-fiction, academic or some blog. You better make that flawless piece of writing because nobody wants to reach such a manuscript full of errors. 

Though, when you are submerged in writing, it is like diving into the ocean, where there are endless opportunities for you to grab. But, all these striking attributes become dull and gloomy when a reader witnesses some syntax in your write-up. 

Although it is pretty considerable to make editing mistakes while typing, that should pick pocketed out before the submission of the work. 

Here, we have listed some common mistakes an author makes while written Curate content



We aren’t talking about being the grammar Nazi; it’s just that following the simple rule of the English language can make your Curate Content sound more accurate. Even if you have written an exceptionally sound blog, if the sentences aren’t making sense and lack simple rules of; past, present, and future, it will make your work look weak. 

So, following things like parts of speech, and correct use of the degree of adjectives and adverbs, can enhance your writing worth. Also, dangling modifiers, incorrectly used pronouns and unnecessary shifts in verb tenses are prohibited. 

The best solution to dissolve such flaws is proofreading your work before submission. Plus, many grammar checker tools are available online; all you need to do is paste the content creation and push the button. The algorithms on their own will erase faultiness and make your Curate Content unique. 


Misspellings and typos are pretty standard, and they can be avoided when you are in the stage of final drafting. Though this is 2022, many software and other SaaS applications provide services over a few pennies. All you have to do is search for such a portal if you have short-time problems. 

Another significant factor most writers forgot is to stick to one English tone, either British or American. Mixing up the spellings will cause panic attack to the one reading your work. So, adhere to one stance, and make the most of it. Also, if you want to outsource your burden, there are many editing services for dissertations and blogs; these editing & proofreading services are professional so choose the right agency after careful consideration. 


You cannot be proclaimed a professional writer without giving the author the due credit. Plus, with citation, referencing styles also comes. The formatting style most widely accepted ones are; APA, MLA, and Chicago. The alignment and font size must be followed exactly the way it is mentioned in the citation. 

This practice will make your work professional among notable academicians. Also, suppose you make a habit of ensuring that these attributes have instilled. In that case, your work will deemed as the authoritative one. 


Punctuation is like a smoothened road on a bumpy journey, the symbols like; commas, apostrophes, exclamation marks, and others enhance the quality of the dialogue. The prime purpose of the punctuation mark is to give a proper meaning to a sentence, such as where we have to pause and where there is a fragment to broken. 

It is significant to learn basic grammar to survive the cliché of the writing world. There are many English language courses on the website that teaches for free; all you need is a determination to pursue this task. 


Things like fluff, modifiers, meaningless sentences, repetitive words, and crutch words unintentionally climbed up in your task. These pointers make your write-up suffer and also make it lose its essence. So, if you want someone to take your seat and answer your question like, edit my essay, then all you got to do is take help from the internet. 

These mistakes can avoided when writing is a part of your daily routine. Just have trust in your overall instincts and begin to write without thinking about the result. 


It is simply through words our writing judged upon. Using the wrong ones without knowing the correct meaning behind them will surely secure a downfall for us. Another thing that can elevate the possibility of such wrong words is the lack of reading or understanding of the prose. 

A simple homework task that can diminish this problem, all you need is to use the dictionary frequently. Even if you know the word, have a leap of faith and see that through a word search. This will make an imparted habit, which can prosper your chances bright. The mistake that every writer, even sometimes a scholar, makes is using a homophone. Though it can avoided, also can used under careful observation at times. 


This is one of the most unacceptable and procrastinated mistakes that a writer can make. Just like writing is the writer’s job, the same goes for reading and making amendments. One advisable tip is to turn off the screen and relax a bit when you complete the writing. You have to divert your mind; this distraction needed to identify mistakes later. After that, when you open the document, you can easily navigate the changes and errors. A little pause will refresh your brain to function more accurately. 


There are numerous editing mistakes that a person goes through when composing something written. Some of the notable ones we have described above can come in handy when you are on the verge of finalizing your blog. 

Though, in the end, what all we would like to say, is never judge someone based on their mistakes and, therefore, never disheartened when there are flaws. As said, there is always room for improvement which can subsequently trigger a better writer in you. 

So, follow the rules of grammar for Curate Content, practice the punctuations, learn different forms of verbs, and also never withdraw a hidden bibliophile in you. If on a daily basis, you did all these little exercises just even for five minutes, it can make a huge difference.  

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