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Make Your Trip More Convenient by Learn Quechua Before Trip to Peru

by The Post Zilla

Make your trip more convenient by learn Quechua before a beautiful trip to Peru

Visiting a new place is always fun. However, not being able to communicate snatches away all our entertainment. We must know at least the common sentences that would be enough to make the modest exchange of words and few humble transactions. Most importantly basics of knowledge are essential to avoid getting lost in the city, directions and greetings are the first words one approaches to learn a new language. For a great trip to learn Quechua is of great importance, especially when over 3 million citizens of Peru speak the language mentioned.

All you need to know about Quechua as a beginner:

The language Quechua originates from South America. Language believed to passed down by the Inca empire. The language is commonly called runasimi by natives. The language has variant slang and versions according to different regions. For example, the Cusco region has the Quechua language inspired by another native language such as Aymara. Ever since 2011, the language has been announced to be endangered. Since 1970 the language has been replaced in schools with Spanish. As days pass by the number of native speakers of Quechua has been falling constantly. This is all about the origin and current status of the language – Quechua. Let us now discuss how to learn quechua online and script.

Is Quechua hard to learn?

Of course, learning a new language can be intimidating for everyone. “Will it be hard?” is a common question that one comes across before starting anything new. However, any language can be easy to learn if our determination and will stay intact and do not waver with feasible winds. Quechua can be pretty easy to learn for a few but few may find it difficult. Though a language of 46 slang can be tricky to learn quechua language online. Following social media, news, radio, and television of the language, we aspire to learn can be a huge help to our studies. For any language, study speech can easily picked up but writing, pronunciation, and learning of script may require great patience and practice.

Few basic sentences and words

  • Hello – allinlachu 
  • Bye – tupanchikkama
  • Thank you – riqsikuyki
  • Please – amahina
  • How are you – imaynallam
  • Have you eaten – mikurunki
  • Have a nice day – qampaq Allin punchaw
  • Straight – suni siqi
  • Left – iluqi
  • Right – paña

Peru – the country of rich mines or “El Pulpo”

It is not a shock to know that Peru is one of the richest countries in aspect of various minerals. However, it might be a surprise that this gorgeous country has another nickname for its account – El pulpo. The phrase translates to “The octopus”. The nickname particularly given to the nation’s capital “Lima”. The name given to the city since it stretched out in the country just like the arms of a giant eight-armed octopus.

Peru originally called Birú. The region located to the north of the Inca kingdom yet it renamed Peru meaning “all that is to the south”.

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