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Laser Printer Buying Guide with a Water Cooler Explanation

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Laser Printer

Laser Printer Buying Guide with a Water Cooler Explanation

In this modern age, you can save your documents and photos live on laptop drives or cloud services. But you still need a laser printer to make your vacation snaps. A laser printer is the most important part of modern life. A laser printer is must needed for home, office, business, school, college, and universities. Many different types of laser printers have been available on the market today. So it is a very crucial decision what laser printer is most effective for you. Please read the laser printer buying guide.

Is Inkjet Printer Do You Need?

Though inkjet printer demands are not increasing like a laser printer, it will still be a great choice for photo lovers. Inkjet printer is a great combination of text, graphics, and photos. Most inkjet printers can print almost anything without copying and scanning, and they are particularly exceptional for photos in comparison with laser printers.

Never forget that the brand reliability and owner satisfaction ratings tend to be lower than a laser printer. But these ratings are totally based on data derived from CR’s member surveys.

The disadvantage of an inkjet printer is very slow. Most of the valuable inkjets printer output black-and-white text at five to 18 ppm. The color documents printing speed are much slower for color photos.

The big advantage of an inkjet printer is they are providing lower costs. You may spend 0.50 cents to $2 of a color 8×10-inch photo range. Few of the inkjets printers can also make borderless prints, most commonly they can using on 4×6-inch paper.

Do You Need a Laser Printer?

Laser printers are one of the greatest choices for anyone. In recent years, printers demands are increasing dramatically. A laser printer can print text documents, with high-quality images, and a lot of them a printer make the most sense.

But still, the laser printers generally are not well-suited for printing photos and HD quality graphic design. Even some of the laser printer models can’t print in color are intended for use with glossy photo stock or other specialty papers, and the photo quality is quite poor.

The advantage of a laser printer, It can provide hurry printing speed with copy scan and fax. Most printers can provide printing speed at up to 25 pages per minute to 100 ppm. Some models recommended monthly print volume at up to 1500 pages to 3000 pages.

The disadvantage of Black-and-white laser printers is very costly. Laser printer toner cartridges price about as much as mid-priced inkjet models. Laser toner cartridges are expensive about $50 to $100, But you can print thousands of black-and-white pages 1 to 6 cents per page that is very low.

The Network Connectivity:

It is really a great achievement of a laser printer that you can print from anywhere now. Most laser printers can be connected with other electronic devices across the room or anywhere in the world. Modern printers are allowing you to print wirelessly so you have not need any USB cables. You have got a big opportunity that may also be able to send documents to your home printer from a remote computer.

Most of the digital home printers are allowing Wi-Fi connectivity that will provide wireless printing.  This system will help you to print from a laptop or phone without having to plug in cumbersome cables.

It is very good news that you can print from a printer without a computer. Some of the inkjet printer models can print and download photos right from your camera’s memory card. Printers are included the latest features called Pict-Bridge that can connect directly from a digital camera. Most laser printers have Wireless Pict-Bridge, also known as Wi-Fi Direct, which allows you to print directly from a compatible camera over a Wi-Fi network.

Regular Basis Printing

Normally we have seen that a regular basis printer has available the printing function only. If you have never need to scan, copy, or fax then you can buy it. With a single-function laser printer, you can get under $100. A regular basis printer can deliver hurry printing speed with a low costs print per page.

All-in-One, Or Multifunction

In this modern age, Some printer manufacturers invented one machine that can printed with scanning, copying, faxing with a single machine. Just imagine you can get four services from one machine at an affordable price.


A laser printer is one of the most important and vital parts of modern life. Because of the many types of printers, It is a really tough decision to pick a laser printer. So you just need to read the printer buying guide before buying a printer.

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