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Lake Prashar: The Story of Winter Snow Trekking

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Lake Prashar

Lake Prashar: The Story of Winter Snow Trekking

 Close your eyes, now think of yourself on top of the mountain, there is white snow everywhere. Lakes, temples, trees, and even your hotel have all turned white. The sunset and rose over the horizon on Monday. Suddenly, you will find a 180-degree panorama of the Dhouladhar mountain range in front of you, and the mountain range is illuminated by moonlight. Yes, you are in Prasad Lake and I felt it when I was there. Hey, please, you have to read the whole article! .

 The frozen lake of Prashar is pleasing to the eye. In a heavenly place under the snow, gazing at the Dhouladhar Mountains on a full moon night is the achievement of a lifetime.

 The frozen lake of Prashar is pleasing to the eye. In a heavenly place under the snow, gazing at the Dhouladhar Mountains on a full moon night is the achievement of a lifetime.

 Best time to travel:

 June to August: During the monsoon season, Prashar Lake trek will be surrounded by greenery and dotted with various flowers.

 How to reach the base camp of Baji Village from Prasal Lake:

 Baji is the base camp of Prasal Lake, located in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh. If you are from Delhi or Chandigarh, please take the Volvo bus to Manali and get off at Mandi. It takes approximately 1012 hours (430 kilometers). There is a regular bus service between Delhi and Manali. If you are coming from the Manali side, take a bus from Manali to Kulu. Take another bus from Kuru to Mandi. It takes 46 hours from Manali (110 kilometers) to Mandi. The road to Manali is in good condition. The distance between Mandi and Baji is approximately 45 kilometers. You will take a taxi or rent a car from Mandi to Baji. Local buses also often run between Mandi and Baggi.

 End of December to March-This is winter, because these places will be covered with thick snow, so Prashar looks like heaven.

 Driving directions from Mandi to Baggi:

 After passing the Mandi Central Bus Station, turn left and there will be a bridge leading to the MandiPathankot Expressway. After passing a few kilometers, you will find a sign indicating the distance from Prashar Lake. Now drive to Katawula Village. Along the way, you will find IIT Mandi. Ask people about the town of Kataula. Baggi is only 6 kilometers from Kataula. (Use Google Maps 31.781366N, 77.079138S to coordinate the Baji Bridge. Baji Bridge is the last stop in Baji Village.

 Bagi to Lake Prashar trek:

 Bagi is the starting point of the trek. If you want to take a quick break or have tea, this is where you will do it. Follow this road until you reach the “U” bend, and you will now find a stream on the other side of the road. Crossing the stream, you will find a dirt road through the forest valley. You will now find the stream on the left. Drive along the road, after 15 minutes of driving along the track, you will find a mountain stream on the right side of the road.

 Walk on this trail for another 2025 minutes

 JungleWaytoPrashar now follow the jungle path. This trail goes through dense trails first, branching off in many places and following only clearly defined trails. After going uphill, the forest will be thinner. Now you will discover the Dhouladhar range for the first time. You will also find some villages on the opposite mountain. It can snow from here in winter. After walking up 1015 minutes, you will find some stones piled up in the jungle. Now go through the jungle again for 1015 minutes, and now you will find a temporary water pipe from Prashar Lake to the village. You can get our drinking water from here, but don’t forget to adjust the pipes to your old settings. Again, you must climb through the forest. After 3040 minutes of walking, you will find your first open space.

 Here you can also find telephone poles. Go up the cable. This article will take you to another forest, and now another 1520 minutes walk, you will enter another clearing again.

 In winter, the entire area will be covered. Now another 4050 minutes walk will take you to an open fountain, from where you will find a shepherd’s hut in the mountains.

 Now, after passing through the shepherd’s hut, you will find two guest houses on the top of the mountain. Go up to the first hotel. Now, when you get there, turn left and follow the path to the cabin a few meters to the left of the first hotel.

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