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Kudremukh Trek a Must Visit Place

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek a Must Visit Place

Kudremukh Trek: An Overview

A unique mountain range located in Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Nestled at a height of 6,207 feet above sea level and is located in the heart of the Western Ghats. The name of this place came from the word ‘Kudra’ meaning horse and ‘mukh’ means mouth which means horse face, as a particular side of the mountain looks like a horse face.

The Kudremukh is the third highest peak in Karnataka after Mullayangiri and Baba Budangiri, and also regarded as the heaven in South India. The place gives amazing sceneries and mind-blowing views and is called as the Himalayas of the South. The Kudrmukh trek enables the trekkers to cross several waterfalls and narrow streams and also allows walking through the woods with a variety of trees and whistling birds.

After reaching the top of the trail, one can witness the picturesque views of the surroundings. Unlike other treks, there is no option for camping except the base camp. The trek is a must visit place during weekends for those who are bored with the hectic lifestyles and city lights in Bangalore.

Total distance: 20 km

Difficulty level: moderate

Trek duration: 2 days

Starting point: Bangalore

Kudremukh Trek: Best time to do

The ideal time to do Kudremukh Trek is from June to February during the monsoon and winter season. However, the trek is not recommended during the summer season as some parts of the trek involve trekking under the open sky.

Things to do in Kudremukh Trek

  1. Witness the horse face structure

The peak looks like a horse face. While reaching the top, one will definitely get the ultimate feeling of this place.

  1. Trailing through the Shola forests

Trekking through the Shola forests will allow the trekkers to witness several waterfalls and small streams. The trekkers can also spot many animals like deer, lion-tailed macaque, and many more.

  1. View of the rolling hills

 The other famous attraction is the panoramic view of hills and green valleys. Trekkers who trail here during the winter can witness the hide and seek of the valleys in between clouds.

Other places to visit near Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh National Park

Apart from the famous trek of Kudremukh Trek the place is notable as one of the most visited tourist places in Chikkamagaluru district. The place gifted with natural beauties, high rising peaks and rich flora and fauna. The area is the habitat to many wildlife like tigers, leopards and wild dogs and plants such as Nilambur Cobra Lily, South Indian Jewel Orchid and also trees such as eucalyptus, ocacia, silk oaks, casuarinas etc.

Hanuman Gundi Falls

Hanuman Gundi Falls or Suthanabbi Falls is located between Karkala and Lakya dam and guarded by the Kudremukh National Park. The place endowed with natural beauties and visited by tourists in the time of October and February. For a nature lover who wants to enjoy holidays this place is another great option with its forest and the rivers. Ideal time to visit this place is during the post monsoon.


This is another place to visit near Kudremukh Trek on the banks of the Bhadra River in the Chikkamagaluru district. The place known as the temple town and also associated with mythology. The place is famous for the Kaleshwar Temple which showcases the architectural heritage of Southern India. The temple dedicate to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims and tourists from all over the region visit this place to offer prayers.


Standing at an altitude of 1485m above sea level the main attractions of this place are the temple of Goddess Bhagavathi and a cave with a 6 feet tall image of Varsha. The place also a bird lover’s paradise as many species of birds can find here. The place is also the source of rivers like Tunga, Bhadra and Netravati. Ganganoola is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Hamta Market

This is the best place to visit with loved ones and it serves as the popular gateway from Kudremukh for the shipping lovers. The place was previous call Bhadra market and one can find items of basic utility and small souvenirs here.

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