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Kheerganga Trek The Offbeat Destination

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Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek The Offbeat Destination

Kheerganga adventure goes on an outing to find Parvati Valley and one of its different supported encounters. Settled some spot down in Himachal Pradesh, the perspectives on this journey are vitalizing. Logically unveiling the meaning of the space. Likewise, this outing gives you palatable occasions to investigate the brilliant and captivating society of the area.

In the event that you are an understudy explorer or an adventurer searching for a climb. Further in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, a trip to Kheerganga searches useful for a moving toward excursion.

Key Details about Kheerganga Trek

Most essential Elevation :          2690 Mts

Best Time to Visit:        April – October

Bother Level:    Easy

Term: 2 days

Distance Covered: 12 km

Ways to appear at Kheerganga Trek

The beginning stage for the outing to Kheerganga is Barshaini, which is supportively related by Kasol.By Air

The closest air terminal to Kasol is the Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar. The excursions to Bhuntar are genuinely limited, and disconnected from the rehash, the immovability can be up for a throw as well. Here, cabs and transports are accessible for your forward outing. The going with (more secure, solid) choice is the Mohali Airport (Chandigarh), for the most part 300+ KMs away.

Through Train

The closest railroad station is Joginder Nagar railroad station. You can use a taxi from here and you can appear at Kasol in less than 4 hours. By Road

Doubtlessly, the most beneficial approach to manage getting into the Parvati Valley. All out driving time from Delhi to Kasol is around 12 hours, covering roughly 565 Kms. Take Tons of refueling breaks for a clear, basic excursion.

The way to deal with Kasol from Delhi is in commendable condition overall. All appreciation to Parvati Valley being an acclaimed place, particularly among new explorers. The perspectives are bewildering, regardless, and makes up for the long excursion to Parvati Valley.

By Bus

Different public vehicle transports leave ISBT, Delhi for a short-term trip to Bhuntar. Volvo/Mercedes transports will be open beginning INR 1500. A vehicle from Chandigarh will take you around 8 hours.

From Bhuntar, you’ll need to change moves and find the one scrambling. Toward Manikaran and get off while in transit to Kasol.


Taxicabs are accessible at all tremendous stations (Airports, Railways, Bus Stops) – be set up for battle, particularly on the occasion that you’re getting off at the Railway Station. Notwithstanding, the best technique with this is to book a prepaid taxi association. In like way, sharing taxis are open here.

Kheerganga Itinerary

The 13 km long path from Barshaini to Kheerganga should take you around 4-6 hours, contingent on your prosperity levels.

Appear at Kasol

Appear at Kasol with your upheld methodology for transportation like the extraordinary scenes of the town. It is an adorable little town in Himachal, flooding with untouchables. It has a characteristic appeal that you can just with immense effort discover elsewhere.

Appear at Barshaini and Start your Kheerganga Trek

Leave quickly toward the beginning of the day, in any case guarantee the ways to deal with appearing at Barshaini . The day sooner as it gets hard to wave to a taxi/get a vehicle in the AM. 6 would be an ideal opportunity to move upwards.

Courses for your Kheerganga Trek

There are three tremendous courses that you can take

Nakthan Route – This is the most standard course, as it is the speediest. You can appear at Kheerganga Trek in around 4 hours. On the off chance that you believe in the occasion and not the outing. Nakthan is flawless (notwithstanding, the excursion is pretty as well!). Exactly when you appear at the Barshaini Bridge, you’ll take a left and start on your way up to the Nakthan Village. Driving you from the left half of the Parvati River. Since this is the most standard course, it is particularly ventured and in addition has a giant pile of travelers rising the slope.

Kalga Route – Instead of taking a left, divert clearly from the Barshaini development and start your move towards Kalga. This course will consolidate with the major (Nakthan) course generally through the trip. ON thusly, you’ll be crossing through thick backwoods, consequently, for first-time adventurers. You should consider taking a guide along on this Himalayan journey.

Tosh Route – Another obvious way that will later join into the Nakthan Route also. This course is in addition standard, particularly for individuals. Who were remaining in Tosh going before heading on the outing. Tosh stream flows by close to Tosh town which joins the Parvati stream close to Pulga.

You can additionally plan to visit Tosh on your outing to Kheerganga. Add an evening or two in Tosh to release up after the outing.

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